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DA Krasner Asks PA Supreme Court to Halt Streaming of Trials to Protect Victims, Witnesses, & Jurors

  • YouTube streaming will enable anyone with internet access, in a manner difficult or impossible to detect and prevent, to record, redistribute, and permanently retain the testimony and arguments introduced at trial.
  • Such recordings can be used to intimidate a witness to prevent their testimony or to alert a hostile audience that a particular witness has testified against a particular defendant, thus exposing that witness to retaliation.
  • The very awareness that their testimony will be streamed on YouTube will disincline already reluctant witnesses to testify.
  • The ability to record and distribute the details of a victim’s suffering, for whatever purpose, to an infinite internet audience exposes the victim to an enhanced loss of privacy and to re-traumatization.
  • The ability to record and distribute trial testimony precludes the meaningful sequestration of witnesses, where any witness with internet access can listen to the testimony of earlier witnesses and tailor their own testimony to either contradict or corroborate that earlier testimony.



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