Prosecutor-Led Bail Reform: Year One Transparency Report

Philadelphia DAO
Feb 19, 2019 · 1 min read


1. Prosecutor-led bail reform works in Philadelphia;

2. Data-driven reform was implemented fifty days into District Attorney Larry Krasner’s administration;

3. The reform cost no money to implement, and freed up resources;

4. The reform promoted the discretionary decision to not seek cash bail for 25 specific charges;

5. Wide-ranging reform, with the 25 charges enumerated in the policy accounting for 61% of all charges in 2018;

6. The reform successfully increased Release on Recognizance (ROR) rates, allowing approximately 1,750 additional Philadelphians to be released without cash bail in 2018;

7. The reform did not increase recidivism rates;

8. The reform did not increase Failure to Appear (FTA) rates;

9. The reform helps make the presumption of innocence a meaningful reality;

10. Instituting meaningful bail reform in Philadelphia provides an opportunity to reimagine the future of justice.

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The Justice Wire

News from the Philadelphia DAO media center