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RELEASE: Phila. DAO Launches One Stop Job & Resource Hub Bringing Together Employers & Services

  • Employment: Area employers will be on site to interview potential candidates, accept resumes, and immediately hire new employees for a wide range of jobs.
  • Victim services: Many attendees may need specialized help because they or a member of their family are a victim or co-victim of crime. The office’s CARES Program (Crisis, Assistance, Response, and Engagement for Survivors) will be on site to provide the survivors of violent crime with immediate, comprehensive support and advocacy services.
  • Trauma-informed care: Service providers including Women Organized Against Rape (WOAR) and the Anti-Violence Partnership of Philadelphia will assist, empower, and help heal attendees who may have experienced trauma by being exposed to violence or been traumatized by their participation in the criminal justice system.
  • Housing: Healthy and affordable housing can be difficult to find, especially for those with a criminal record. City and state offices as well as housing service providers will also be participating in The Hub.



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