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Phi Community Report #001

Dear Phi community,

First of all, we want to thank everyone in the Phi community for all your support. It has been about a month since the public testnet launch on August 29. We are seeing huge traction with our product. So far, over 25k Lands have been created and the total number of Claims for objects and wallpapers has reached about 900k. We are very pleased to see so many people engaging with Phi.

Our community is not only playing Phi, but also finding new ways to play, suggesting new product ideas (features and campaigns), and helping each other. We feel strongly about the amazing and wonderful power of community. We have become increasingly excited about the future of Phi and what it holds.

Detailed Stats

Number of Philands: 23,240
Quest Objects: 73,825
Free Objects: 877,309
Premium Objects: 4,619
Wallpapers: 3,654

Introduce Good Lands


With the Link List feature, drooboid.eth has created his profile as a philand.

One tip💡: URLs are displayed as a link list in the order of the first placed object to the last placed object (as of now). Therefore, to emphasize your favorite link, please place those objects first.




Saying GM


Positive Externalities of Phi

  • We’ve encouraged more than 51,780 token swaps on Uniswap.
    30 times swap * 1,726 people = 51,780 times
  • Phi has encouraged token bridging onto Polygon on testnet throughout our collaboration with Polygon, increasing the number of bridges to over 12 times.

GR15 Grants

GR15 is finished! Thanks to everyone who donated and supported us! We successfully raised $67,493 (= $32,522 from 12,927 contributors & $34,971 from QF matching)

We will use all the funds to benefit our community. We’ll discuss with the community on how the money will be used, and we’ll execute with transparency.

Won 1st Place in the Smoothie Awards

We’ve won the 1st place in the Smoothie Awards, thank all you for your support!

And we have created a quest object, Smoothie Truck, for the people who gave us an upvote! Go claim it if you haven’t done so yet!

Start an Audit

Audit by Certik has started in preparation for the Mainnet launch. Here’s our repo.

We have already completed the pre-report check, and have not detected any big problems.

A few small points need to be fixed, but nothing to worry about for the Mainnet launch.

The differences from testnet’s contracts are as follows.

  • A decentralized mechanism (eg. multisignature wallets) to avoid centralized privileges
  • Add a data field to the object (to manage link priority, game features, …)
  • New contract that manages the baseplate
  • Add a method to make purchases and deposits at the same time

And to further improve the accuracy of our contracts, we are working with another code-audit company.

Sneak Peek



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