10-Year Milestones of the Philippine Web Designers Organization

As we celebrate a decade of our org’s existence, we’re looking back at the 10 major things we’ve accomplished.

1. Founding the Web Designers Organization

PWDO Articles of Incorporation, page one.

2. The First Web Design Meetup

3. The First Web Design Conference

4. Amazing Conference Speakers

5. The Spin-off Conference for Students

JFFC 2017 Highlights

6. The Hackathon for Non-Profit Organizations

Watch more Caritakathon videos here.

7. International and Local Communities

8. Roadshows, Masterclasses, & More Events

9. Mentorship and Member Empowerment

10. Advocating for Diversity and Inclusion

A Decade of Designing, Developing, & Organizing

Philippine Web Designers Organization

Nurturing the local design & development community