Web Designer Spotlight: Hui Jing Chen

She’s doing a Masterclass on CSS Grid, Flexbox, writing modes, and more at Form Function & Class 9 on 8–18–18!

Hui Jing Chen, is originally from Penang, Malaysia, and currently based in Singapore, where she co-organizes Talk.CSS. She’s also flying from one country to another speaking at conferences this past year.

How did you get started?

I used to play basketball full-time and all the players and coaches stayed together at the Malaysia Basketball Association hostel. At the time, I was the ‘IT guy’ and helped out with setting up Internet and wifi, fixing PCs, typing documents etc. My coach had the idea that because I was good with computers, I could do websites too and asked if I could do something about the association website. I had time on my hands so I said I’d give it a shot, and 9 years later, here we are. :)

Can you describe the first website you ever built?

It was the Malaysia Basketball Association website. It had not been updated in a while and my coach gave me free reign over the redesign. I knew nuts about web development at this time but had an intimate relationship with Google. So the first website was a mesh of copied HTML code from other websites, some hand-written stuff, and slapped together with Adobe Dreamweaver, which generated the resultant HTML files.

Malaysia International Basketball Championship website

What are your favorite tools of the trade?

Hands-down is Browsersync. I can’t imagine developing anything on the web without it.

My text-editor of choice is Sublime Text, and I always use a monospace font, usually installed not system. Currently I’m using League Mono, but that may change in future.

League Mono

I do enjoy using a mechanical keyboard, specifically those which are extra clicky, like Cherry MX Blue or equivalent.

What’s your favorite color (hex, rgb, hsl), emoji, typeface? What’s your favorite HTML/CSS/JS feature or trick?

I like green but not down to a specific hex code :p Maybe green shades in the area of lime (#00ff00, rgba(0, 255, 0, 1)?


I have a few emojis I use very often: 🤷‍♀️, 💃, 🙆‍♀️, 🤨, 🤗, 🤓�, 😬.

Asking me to choose a typeface is like asking me to choose a favourite child, haha. Right now I’m fond of humanist typefaces, both serif and sans-serif are fine, but I do look out for any quirky features in individual letters.

Favourite CSS property: writing-mode, followed by (in no particular order), feature queries, CSS shapes, CSS grid, pseudo-elements, backgrounds and borders (this list is getting ridiculous, i will stop now)

What are you watching / reading / listening to these days?

Just finished the novellas by JY Yang, Red Threads of Fortune and Black Tides of Heaven, they fall under the ‘Silkpunk’ genre, which I find really cool.

My musical tastes are eclectic and cover a lot of genres, really depends on my mood. Noir-style Jazz is always timeless, all your typical pop music (both English and Mandarin), also Latin music because the beat is awesome

Shows currently airing, Once Upon a Time, Silicon Valley, going to start S2 of Jessica Jones.

What’s a cool thing that we should check out in your city?

Currently I’m based out of Singapore, so Art Science Museum is always a favourite of mine.

Art Science Museum, SG (via)

I have a favourite Chapatti place in Little India called Azmi Restaurant, address is: 166 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218050

Azmi Restaurant (via)