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Bohol Land Tour

Singapore to Manila, Cebu & Tagbilaran — Day 3 of 3

This post is about my last day of my trip to Philippines. You can also read about the first and second days.

I’ll keep the words to minimum and present my best shots here.

Chocolate Hills

A magnificent view of green. You can read origins from Wikipedia but, here is the legend surrounding it:

Once upon a time, there were two giants who began to throw stones and sand against each other. Their fight lasted for several days. Finally, when they grew tired, they decided to become friends and leave the island where they fought. They also left behind the mess, which is now called the Chocolate Hills.
Basically, coral reefs over the land

Man-Made Forest

These mahogany trees brought together by man, to prevent erosion


They are extant and carnivorous primats.


Loboc River


You can fly over this river… On the way back, you ride a cable car.

Hanging Bridge

That’s me, but red. My favourite photo of myself. Harmony of red and green.

Butterfly Park

This guy will grow to a Hyalophora cecropia
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