Phillip Entzminger on the benefits of a Vegan Diet

Over the last ten years, veganism has exploded into mainstream media.

More people than ever practicing this new lifestyle, and there are no signs of it slowing down! So what exactly is driving this craze? Phillip Entzminger, vegan activist and freelance artist from Macomb, Illinois, argues that the benefits of a vegan diet are incredibly significant. Not only have studies shown that eating a diet high in plant-based foods helps people lose weight and reverse high cholesterol, but as Entzminger has personally experienced, it also increases energy levels and improves brain function. Need more motivation to join the vegan movement? Here are some of the great benefits of a vegan diet.

The richer nutrients in a Vegan diet

Switching to a vegan diet ultimately means giving up animal products and byproducts. In exchange, you will be consuming more fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, and seeds. These foods are undoubtedly healthier and provide more nutrient-rich foods for your body and soul. “At the beginning it is tough to give up the foods you are used to” says Phillip Entzminger, “However, after a while your body no longer craves these unhealthy foods.” To make this switch a lot easier, Phillip recommends tracking your food to ensure that you are meeting nutritional requirements. After cuttings out animal food, Phillip instantly noticed an increased feeling of energy and no longer experienced mid-day sluggishness. Folks often worry they will miss essential vitamins when giving up meat, but with a little hard work you can find healthy alternatives to your traditionally unhealthy practices.

Helps you lose weight

If you’re struggling with weight gain or you’re just looking to lose excess pounds, a vegan diet is a great way to aid you in the process of shedding fat. By not eating dairy or meat, you will lower your overall calorie intake, says Phillip Entzminger. Think of all the high calorie food you consume now. They will all include dairy or animal products. Instead, this will be replaced with vegetables, which are low in calorie and allow you to eat a lot without tipping the scales. Of course, you can lose weight without drastically lowering your calorie intake. With a vegan diet, you ensure that the calories coming in are truly fueling your body, and not holding you back.

May protect against certain types of Cancer

According to the World Health Organization, many cancers can be controlled depending on what’s in your diet. Eating fruits and vegetables every day significantly lowers your chances of getting sick. Vegans tend to eat a lot more fruits and vegetables in their diet, says Phillip Entzminger, so they have more of a chance of staying protected against certain cancers. Vegans also stay away from highly processed meats and cheese, which are scientifically linked to certain diseases.

Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease is a terrifying reality for many Americans. With this disease on the rise for both men and women, a major lifestyle change is necessary, explains Phillip Entzminger. Eating lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes are linked to lowering heart disease in humans which is why vegans have up to 42% of a lower risk of dying from heart disease. Vegans are also known to consume more nuts and whole grains, says Phillip, which are incredibly beneficial to your heart health.

If you’re unsure about going Vegan, remember to take it in small steps. It can seem intimidating changing all of your food habits at once, says Phillip Entzminger, so it’s important to take it slow and make an educated change. Start off by cutting out cheese or a few animal products taht are less difficult to let go of. Once you start noticing the changes in your health, you’ll be motivated to continue this journey and transform your lifestyle for the better. With the growing vegan community, there are so many resources to help you become a better you, from the inside out!