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Best Friends

The Epic Tale of Dogs and Us, Condensed for Heart Warming Consumption

A beige dog with large ears and adorable eyes holding a bone
Bowser, free for commercial use

Dogs, or pups as they like to be called, are one of the single greatest things to happen to us. Sure, a shivering neanderthal surrounded by wolves may not agree, but we’ve come a long way from the good ol’days. Let’s warm our hearts with a look at one of the most beautiful friendships on our rock. How it came to be, how it’s…

Here at Philor, we wrestle stereotypes, archetypes, and all the faux pas our society creates. From Plato to humour and all the logic between, we’ll break it up and shake it down. Subscribe for a weekly dose of scrutiny with hope.

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Jordan Kovacsik

Jordan Kovacsik

A curious author, humbled daily.

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