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Those Idiots Want Our Time, Do They Even Know Why?

Dwell Time and Videos Are Bogging Down Our Internet, but How, Why?

Fiber optic wires — clear plastic tubes with lit led lights inside
Fibre Optic Representation, free for commercial use

Domain authority is Location. It is exposure, and it’s crucial. So nobody’s asking why everyone wants domain authority. However, nobody’s asking how this is influencing the Internet as a whole. Or how many hours of people’s time are wasted in the express purpose of…




Here at Philor, we wrestle stereotypes, archetypes, and all the faux pas our society creates. From Plato to humour and all the logic between, we’ll break it up and shake it down. Subscribe for a weekly dose of scrutiny with hope.

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Jordan Kovacsik

A curious author, humbled daily.

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