The Chair of Sanctions Economics

The capitalists are not the patriots of capitalism.
They are the patriots of profit.
Therefore, the capitalists undermine the capitalist system, if it is cheaper to produce in China.
And they did it.

A free market means that you can freely market on the condition that you will not compete with Big Companies or threaten the dominance of the US companies.

As soon as you become too successful and start to threaten their dominance, they will sanction you.

Democracy means that you can freely elect your leaders, but if you elect the wrong leaders, the West declares that the elections were rigged and they will sanction you.

The winner and the consequences of planetary economic war are largely unpredictable.

The question is not only about who has greater losses, who’s resources will end first, and who will economically collapse first.

The question is about which system, which people, and which ideology are capable of enduring the stone age.



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Jüri Eintalu

Jüri Eintalu


PhD in philosophy. I have also studied maths, physics and even something about economics. Be careful in chess.