Durer — The Four Riders

The Post-Truth Era

In 2016, the Brexiteers suddenly won the Brexit referendum.
In 2017, Donald Trump suddenly became the president of the United States.

Censorship Is Coming

Certain scientific ideas, schools, investigations and results have been suppressed or censored already a long ago. It has been total: scientific funding, journals, encyclopedias (including Wikipedia), popular science, and mainstream media — the whole infrastructure of science.

Facebook, 16 March 2020
Facebook’s censorship 22 November 2020

Western Civilization No Longer Exists

Paul Craig Roberts
“The Dystopian Western World”
TheAltWorld, December 21, 2020


Belluz, J. & Hoffman, S. (2015) “Science is Often Flawed. It’s time we embraced that.” Vox, May 2013.



Philosophy, aphorisms, sophisms, paradoxes, essays, etc.

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Jüri Eintalu

PhD in philosophy. I have also studied maths, physics and even something about economics. Be careful in chess. https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1306-4666