Pursuit Joy Not Happiness

Poem on: “The Secrets to Achieving Lasting Contentment”

Pursuit Joy Not Happiness -by “Som Dutt” on Medium https://medium.com/@somdutt777

Joy is the pleasure found in life,
A deep satisfaction offering respite.
It’s a spark of energy and drive,
A feeling that truly keeps us alive.
It fuels our growth and makes us strive,
Like a ray of sun on a cold winter night.
We seek it ’cause it sets our souls alight,
Bringing hope and courage to go on despite.



I am sharing my tips and philosophy to live a better life. Here I am sharing most of my life lessons, personal experieces and a way to find meaning in life.

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Som Dutt

21x Top writer in Philosophy & Psychology. I make people Think, Relate, Feel & Move. Let's Appreciate Deep, Unique & Heavy Thoughts. INSTA: @somdutt_freespirita