Thus Taught Abraxas

Excerpt — “On The Holy Ones”

At a time before, Abraxas was seduced & inculcated by Culture to put His stock in Heavenly Things — unknowable & unreachable — like The Holy Ones. All Goodness & Grace & Power went right to God — The Greedy & Proud One. Ugly The World was made out to be. Ugly Man was made out to be. The Creator did a Botched & Faulty & Poor Job, indeed.

Man suffers & looks away from HimSelf — to a God or a Heaven — & loses HimSelf. The Inner Man suffers & looks in HimSelf to find & know HimSelf. Man can’t look InTo & Down & Under HimSelf because He’s made HimSelf find Holes & Cracks & Demons & Flaws. He doesn’t know that in The Abyss He can find the space towards Self-Perfecting, Self-Mastery, & Self-OverComing. Man’s Delusion, in once I Believed In, Cripples Man, keeps Him Weak & Dependent on Mythologies & Fables.

Truly, God, Heaven & Hell, The Messiah, Sin, Morality, Prophecy, The Apocalypse, etc., etc., etc., are evidences of Man’s Errors & Fantasies; but, also, Man’s incredible Imagination & Creative-Power. We see in These Creations, The God in Man. God is just an unconscious expression. For God is ReBorn ! Man’s Ego was given away to God. Man’s Exceptionality was handed over to God. Out of My own Brokenness & Suffering, I found The Love of God within Myself. I Learned to Love My Defects & My Pain, which are Tools towards Self-Transformation. I found My Light — My God — in My Darknesses — My Demons. The Demons are used for Self-Perfecting, while They stay & sit & sleep & suck The Life out of The Sinner. Thus I’ve been Redeemed by My God, thus I’ve been Saved through My Strength.

My Fellow True Men, it was Self-Hate & -Denial & -Unacceptance, that created a Christ to “Love,” when they Loved ThemSelves not. It was Weakness & Meekness that created a Heaven, an Escape, an inability to Endure & Overcome The Fate Of This World.

When Suffering was not seen as The Way towards Peaks (& You have to want to Climb!), Man thought it was Punishment (& then Guilt & Hell were Born).

Listen! My Fellow True Men: It was Man who did not see Suffering as a Teacher but as One’s Demons, as Evil (The Ones that were given to Him!). Listen! My Inner Men: It was The Soul that grew Weak & divorced ItSelf from The Body. It began to Hate The Body, & Abuse The Body — verily, I am speaking of The Indulgers Of The Body. It found an Arcadia, in Man’s Mind. Thus, Man completely rejected This World (as well as ThemSelves).

Truly, Man’s Weakness needed a God that Loved them UnConditionally, because they couldn’t Love ThemSelves. This Weakness, this Inner Darkness, Adulterated The Body & Neglected The Soul — leaving Them apart, Lonely, UnRefined, & — yes — Weakened. For The Weak, Weaken. That’s Their Strength.

A New Hope My God Taught Me: No longer look up to Lights above; to look In & Down & Under, for that Light, for Your God WithIn.

A New Power, My God Taught Me: No longer finding “Power” in a Heavenly, OtherWorldly God; but in Your God, in Your Abyss, in Your Wilderness.

The Weak hated The Body, leaving no Teacher for The Soul. They invented The AfterWorld, Paradise, & believed They were Redeemed by a Savior, instead of Saving ThemSelves. The Pleased The Body with Plebeian, Physical Pleasure, depriving The Soul. For The Soul is Beautiful, yet Dark. But isn’t The Body a Temple, a Haven for The Soul?

Abraxas does not Despise The Weak, He can only Pity them, as They don’t want His Truth & Aid.

The Weak Hate Truth, for They feel it makes Them Weaker. But It’s the only way to Strength & Power. They always look Up, instead, with Faith & Hope. They felt that The Demons would scare them Inside.

Have Faith in YourSelf ! YourSelf is The Almighty. You’ll find Your True Purpose & Meaning & Joy.

Thus Taught Abraxas !