Jack Ma has the best explanation for AI and the mankind’s future

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Artificial intelligence might be getting smarter. But will the Terminator rule the earth ?

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Jack Ma, founder and executive chairman of Alibaba doesn’t think so. He told CNBC in an interview on Tuesday.

“It’s about wisdom. It’s about experience,” said Ma, China’s richest man and e-commerce mogul. “So I don’t think the machine — the artificial intelligence — is gonna replace the wisdom.”

Someone from a country that doesn’t believe in basic human rights (like freedom of speech) said this. Wow.

Just to remind you how horrible that country can be, here is an art piece by one of the greatest artist alive (Ai Weiwei) after his nightmarish time in Chinese Prison or aka Hell.

Image via NYTimes

Here are some more evil freaky twins from the Shining.

Baba stock moved from $138 to $142 in 2 days.

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