What Travis Kalanick’s resignation really means : Founder CEOs can now get fired

Just like Fred Wilson, I’m going to try to write every day.

There was always a tacit agreement between the board and the founder CEO in Silicon Valley. The board doesn’t touch the CEO for reasons that are obvious. The founder CEO has enormous influence in the company. They usually have an entourage of loyal employees that are rock stars, early stage bozos but nevertheless influencers. The future success usually depends on them. So why would the board risk all that? Well, it looks like Travis Kalanick paved the way for other founder CEOs. The board will find it easier to fire CEOs to prevent future disasters.

What can founders do? Cut the hubris. Believe in Karma and most of all — BE NICE. Be a nice person to everyone. That is all. Very simple. Don’t be a diva. Paul Graham wrote an article about being nice.
Image via Business Insider

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