What Are You Thankful For?
The Medium Writing Prompt

15 years ago, I was involved in a road accident.

I was probably 5 or 6 years old back then.

Though I don’t have any clear recollections of everything that happened that night, I do have some foggy memories. We were on our motorbike, doing maybe 40 kmph (my father was always extra careful when me and my mother were riding with him), when suddenly a car going the opposite direction on the road, apparently lost control, steered right towards us and knocked us down.

I remember the loud CLANG! and THUD!
I remember lying on the road, next to my parents, injured.
I remember blood gushing out from a wound above my forehead, though I didn’t feel any pain.
I remember the car, fleeing the scene, taking with it a part of faith I think I had in humanity.

Within seconds, a small crowd appeared. The three of us and the damaged bike were moved out of the road. Vehicles stopped and we were loaded into them. Next stop, the hospital.

Well, we didn’t die. Or lose any of our limbs. I had the most serious injury, but I was okay after a couple of weeks. 15 years later, I still have a faint scar under my hair, which I used to show off at school after the accident.

So, I’m thankful to the crowd that gathered, to the vehicles that offered to take us to the hospital, to the people who looked after the bike and our possessions till we could go back and collect them, and to the doctors and staff who took care of us right away, for restoring my faith in humanity.
I’m thankful for the love and kindness, strangers show in times of need.

And also, I’m thankful to the driver of the car, for showing the 5 year-old me, that not all people are humans. That ‘a people’ needs values to be ‘a human.’
I’m thankful for that invaluable lesson.

Being kind and caring is a huge deal, especially for the person at the receiving end of it. At the most, it would probably cost you a bit of time, but the satisfaction afterwards would be immense. I still don’t know what would have happened to us, if it hadn’t been for those wonderful souls who gladly spent a minute or two of their lives to save ours.

The world is a beautiful place. Be thankful that it still has more ‘humans’ than ‘people.’

Thank you for reading. If you have time, leave a comment or two (on my other pieces as well), and help me improve. I would really appreciate it ☺

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