A Fish Tale of Awakening

Once upon a time there was a fish.

Now this fish was a very happy fish for he had fallen in love with a beautiful princess. This fish was a special kind of fish as he was double hard-headed. He was the kind of fish that knew what was good for him but still refused to do those things. The beautiful princess would get exasperated when she asked him if he had eaten that day because his response was often, “No”. The princess knew that he needed to take better care of himself and the fish also knew that he needed to take better care of himself but he did not make the time to do so. So the princess would make extra efforts to make sure that the fish had plenty of food to eat, got enough rest, and did those things to help him refresh and revive himself. The fish knew he had to make better choices in terms of food and rest but felt that if he sacrificed a little bit of sleep and a little bit of food, he would be able to provide those things that he felt were necessary for himself and his beautiful princess. It never dawned on him that these little sacrifices were leading him down the wrong path.

The fish was out for a walk one morning when he was struck by the simple pleasures around him. It was as if he had just awoke from a deep sleep. The sun was brilliant, the birds were singing in a key that was new, and the sky was a more perfect shade of blue. He stopped to take in all of these singular items when he realized that for the better part of his life he had missed all of these simple nuances. He was spending so much time worrying about providing for himself and his beautiful princess that he was missing his life. He was speeding through his life and not paying attention to all of those moments that were meant to awaken in him a deeper, more spiritual meaning. He was standing on the walking path and he felt the tears well up in the corner of his eyes. He realized that life was for living and not just going through the motions.

It would be a perfect ending if the happy fish would have run home and told his beautiful princess that he had “discovered” that his life was meant to be lived and not spent going through the motions. However, his beautiful princess was not at home, in fact, she had taken the last two weeks to see her family and get her health checked out in another country. The happy fish was distraught at the thought of coming back to an empty home with something so wonderful to tell his beautiful princess. The happy fish spent the rest of his walk seeing all of those things that he had been missing. He watched the birds flit from branch to branch and saw the clouds move across the sky. As his walk came to and end and he walked up the stairs to his apartment, he remembered the errands that he had to run, the client meeting in the afternoon and the studying he had to complete. Each step seemed to take him a little further from the amazement of life and back into the rut of the working world.

That day on his morning walk he remembered why he was here, on this earth, at this moment, to live his life and not just be a participant. He was in charge of his life, his choices were taking him down a path and he needed to accept this path or get off of it. His beautiful princess was coming back home soon from her trip abroad and he needed to make changes to his life in order to be a better partner, a stable provider, and a spiritual companion.

This story is definitely to be continued…

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Originally published at afishtail.wordpress.com on June 17, 2015.