Be with someone who comes from a broken family

Sky Lacea
Sky Lacea
May 2, 2015 · 4 min read

Why? Here’s the positive side of them.

Children from a broken family are often misunderstood. Judged as being different, some people taught they are difficult to deal with. Though statistically speaking, children who came from a broken family manifest disturbing behaviors growing up. Though it takes time, some of them managed to prove themselves that being in a broken family is a blessing, not a curse.

And here’s some of the positive side of them.

They are emotionally stronger. People from a broken family know how to handle different kind of emotions like abandonment, guilt, unhappiness, anger and well, happiness. Experiencing this roller-coaster-kind-of-life enhances them to become strong. They believe even the hardest point of their life won’t knock them down.

They can accept that no one is perfect and it’s okay. Dealing with the not-so-perfect parents sure made them question their existence on earth. But can accept that some things in life are happening beyond their control. They carry this realization as they interact with people with various personalities. They accept that a person is prone to commit errors like themselves.

They are the most loyal and values trust more than anything. Being able to experience rejection and abandonment, they tend to shield themselves from getting hurt again. People see them as a person with a cold-heart and difficult to deal with but they act like one to spare themselves from dealing with the episodes of taken for granted. Loyalty matters to them and they give it to someone worth keeping.

They are independent and motivated. Being in a broken home, the urge of getting away from crap is intense that they use the negativity to motivate themselves. They channel their disappointments and frustrations by giving their full potential to anything they are on. They compete with no one but themselves. They can rise up even with the absence of help from anyone because they know their success depends on them alone. They believe they can succeed with or without help.

They are open-minded. Being in a dysfunctional family opens many options and opportunities for them to work on. They are not afraid to take risks and positive enough to try each of them. With life’s complexity, they tend to embrace different ideas until they find convenient ways to get to their common goals.

They know how to laugh and have a good time. They find ways to be happy; they don’t just drown with the fact that they came from a broken family and that they don’t deserved to be happy. Some are putting masks to hide their true feelings, others are exposing themselves to show that life doesn't end there and they don’t need a complete family to be happy.

They will make sure their children will be happy. They will make sure they’re going to marry the person who accepts who they are and will work things out to keep the family intact. They will make sure their children will never feel unloved and unwanted. They will become a better parent. They will never do anything that could hurt their future children and they don’t want them to feel the same mess again.

They value simple things in life. Appreciating little things in life makes them happy. They appreciate simple over the grandest things. They know material things cannot give them happiness. A person who came from a broken family can identify people in need and they know how to make them feel better. Their purpose in life is not being the best. They measure their fulfillment by helping others and they feel blessed, that is all that matters.

Be with someone who comes from a broken family. Though winning their trust takes a lot of effort but they are loyal than everyone else. They may be sad at first, but later they realize that life is beautiful and that life, whatever happens, must go on. They feel blessed and can get through anything. Some of them hungers for attention and the feel of being loved. But they realize that self-love is more important than anything else. And the positive side will follow.

General Writing: Idea, Thinking, Opinion

This is a collection for general writing, thinking, and opinions.

Sky Lacea

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Sky Lacea

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General Writing: Idea, Thinking, Opinion

This is a collection for general writing, thinking, and opinions.

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