Cheat Sheet: How to Become a Better Person with 7 Easy Steps

And yes, make the world a better place

There is a difference between “becoming better” and “looking like you are becoming better”. I am a true believer in the importance of the first process, but you will probably also agree that the second one could be a nice addition to it. It is nice to become better and inspire people around you with your own good deeds and positive transformation.

Below is a cheat sheet I composed for myself. These simple advice can be found in books, heard on conferences and given by your dear friends.

However, this very list is unique.

Here I included tips that will help you become a better person (and the world — a better place, sure!), and:

  • They are very easy to use
  • The effect is immediate
  • Everybody can do it!

Here they are:

  1. Smile!
    You all know that smile will help you make better impression on others. You also should remember that smiling helps you stay in shape, be happier and healthier. Confirmed by HBR, by the way.
  2. Call and say thank you.
    Our parents and grandparents used to give so-called “thank you notes”, but if you feel that it is too old-fashioned, there is even a better way to show appreciation to someone: just call and say “thank you”. It is no more than thirty seconds of your precious time, and still it is much better than messaging or remaining silent.
  3. Make compliments.
    “What if he/she won’t like it?” or “What if he/she will misunderstood me?” or “What will others think if I make him/her a compliment?” Forget all this nonsense. People love receiving compliments, and it is a great way to be polite and help others feel better about themselves. Make sincere compliments, it is wonderful!
  4. Ask and listen.
    It is very good when you ask a person about things he or she would like to talk about. But please remember that you should also listen to what they are saying — this is the only way to learn from others and be a good friend.
  5. Be honest, but avoid cursing.
    It is not easy to say exactly what you think. Still people will appreciate when you are honest with them. At the same time, if you feel that your honest opinion will probably sound obscene — don’t lie, just stop talking and take a deep breath.
  6. Start learning foreign language.
    If you already know one or two, start learning the third one. The main aim is not to become a fluent speaker, but to be in the process of learning. When you are mastering new language — even at a small pace — you are not only becoming smarter, but also are acquiring a great habit to always be in a state of learning.
  7. Say “Yes”.
    Want more positive things happening in your life? Everyone wants that! The simplest and most powerful positive thing is the word “yes”. I am not saying you should always agree with everything and everybody. Just take this into consideration: in any situation, no matter what the question is, there is an opportunity to start your phrase with “yes”. Why to avoid such a terrific opportunity to make the life a bit brighter?

Have something to add to this list? Don’t be shy, hit “response” and tell us what you think! Meanwhile, you are always welcome to hit “recommend” button and share this article with your friends. Yes, I’d like you to make the world a better place☺

Thank you!

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