I was assaulted by a group of people outside the Police station but nobody helped me.

A group of people assaulted me in Toronto outside a police station, yet the police officers did nothing for me right away and helped the suspects walk away.

Toronto is not this safe.

Today, I was assaulted by a group of middle eastern people on street around 5:55pm to 6:10pm at the police station (Division 52) in Toronto, but the police officers did not do anything for me right away.

In other words, this group of people just walked away without any charge.

This is what happened.

A group of middle eastern people (height 5'7'’ to 5'9'’, 2 girls and 1 guy) on the street pretended I was invisible and blocked my way. One girl bumped on me without looking at me and kept looking at the opposite side of the street. It was a bit hurting me already.

This is where the police station is located. Also this is where the incident happened.

After few seconds, the guy ran back to me and grabbed my left arm as hard as he could and yelled at me “SHOW SOME RESPECT! YOU BUMPED ON MY FRIENDS!” Because of his action, my left side of shoulder and arm got injured.

They twisted the truth and they were the ones bumping on me because their ignorance attitude toward me.

My first reaction after the assault happening was to look for help in the police station.

When I was in the station, there were three officers. One was on phone and other was sitting inside the office. Another one was with all the documents.

I asked for help. I told them the suspects at the moment was right outside the police station. However, one of the officers asked me to wait while he was on phone. Other two were totally ignoring me and just looking at me.

I was standing at the front desk for a while.

After few minutes, I asked again if someone could help me. They did nothing for my request beside telling me, “SIR, you need to understand we are dealing something.”

I had to stand inside the station for another few minutes.

After few minutes standing, one of the officers inside his office finally stood and talked to me.

I had already ask if someone could help me while they could easily catch that group of people.

However, they ignored my request and asked me to wait. At the time, this group of people already walked away from the station.

When I was totally upset about their reaction, this officer from his office said, “Do you need to call ambulance? You look so fine now. If you think we are going outside the police station and find the guy, no, we are not going to do it.”

Later, he added with a strong tone, “If you want to file an assault report, then have a seat. We will find someone to take care of you later.”

In total, I was in the police station for about 10 minutes and nothing solved.

I just walked out the station. Then a bad crazy biker did not follow the traffic light. He bumped on me on the street yelled at me “Fuck off.” I just grabbed him and pushed him down on the street and walked away. Yes, this also happened outside the police station. I just did not want this crazy biker recklessly ride his bike and not respect people walking and driving on the street.

What the officers’ response made me totally hopeless. I was the victim, and if they could react quickly to catch this group of people right away, that would be more effective.

Certain group of people just think they are the law and not respect people. They twisted the truth and caused more crimes in the city.

However, the police officers just put my request aside and helped the suspects in some way.

I knew there were lots of request for help, but is there only three officers in the station only? Couldn’t the officer call other officer to help me?

Toronto has been claimed it is one of the safest city in the world. In fact, I don’t know how many times victims have to keep their voice silents because of what the police force do for their requests. Statistically, it may be the safest city, but in reality, this city is probably worse than other North American cities because of the ignorance attitude. People just want to hear good things about the city. They deleted, ignored the requests that could possibly damage the city’s reputation.

This is the culture that we are living in now.

Updated: After few hours, few bruises were on my left arm because of what the guy did to me and I still feel a bit hurtful.

According to the office in Division 51, “I look definitely fine.”