New year resolutions didn’t work, so I design my experience instead

When 2015 ended, I reviewed my resolutions only to realise that I barely accomplished half of them.

It wasn’t demotivating at all because I had accomplished greater things than my resolutions.

I quit my job, started a company, did solo travelling, public speaking and met a lot of interesting people along the way.

None of these crossed my mind on 1st January 2015.

While some said resolutions guide you towards clear goals, it could also limit your possibilities.

We are always told to set ‘attainable’ goals. We are afraid of disappointment and we tend to underestimate our potential.

Maybe I am lucky, or maybe I am simply positive — when your action and values are aligned, life will work itself out somehow.

You will meet the right people, be at the right place, and do the right thing.

When it comes to resolution making this year, I was hesitated — how do I know if I would come across a big opportunity? How do I know who I will meet? How do I know if I will hit a big bump and change direction?

Life is exciting because of the endless possibilities.

So I asked myself:

What is the story that I wanted to tell at the end of the year? What are the experiences that I wanted to create?

I started filling 2016 calendar with travelling, trekking, mountain climbing, runs and other activities. I went on to book flight tickets for all travelling in first half of 2016 without plan or company — just a clear vision of why I wanted to do it.

Looking at my events studded Google Calendar, I was never so excited about life ever before!

By focusing on things that motivated me intrinsically, I am driven to improve my physical well being, to work hard and acquire the necessary skills. I am determined to do whatever it takes to make those experiences happen.

For example, if you wanted to conquer Everest Base Camp, you will naturally cut down sugar, run those extra miles and hit the gym more often in order to stay fit. This is more effective than a highly measurable and attainable new year resolution of losing 5 kg in 2 months in which you will abandon before the first month even ended.

Also, designing these experiences at the beginning of the year enable me to have a clear outlook of the year and stay focus in order to generate all resources I need to live those experiences.

Knowing how 2016 looking like, I am extremely thankful that I get to choose how I pursue life adventures in my mid twenties. It is a gift being able to do what you love, and I promise myself to do more and contribute more to the world around me.