Putting the T O in “Take Off, eh!” (Flickr user beachdigital; photoshopped by EDionne)

Stop saying Canadians are nice. Canadian can be very rude and arrogant.

I am Canadian, and I don’t think Canadian are nice and friendly in general. Apparently, a lot of Canadian are rude and ignorance. I thought I was the only one with this idea. After I did some research online, here is a list of comments about Canadian.

(Updated December 16, 2016: This article can be found on Google and there are traffic from the search engines. After the articles being indexed, I got few more physical assaults from racists in Toronto. These gang stalkers identified and targeted on me because I am speaking the truth. Toronto Police refused to file my cases.

However, I stand strongly against the Anti-Asian culture in Canada. This is purely discrimination from the personal to public level.

I hope someone can step up and raise their voices.)

I’m Canadian. And not only are Canadians rude as hell with a serious attitude, they are some of the most socially stunted people on the planet.They constantly have to “prove” themselves out of some wierd inferiority complex. I recently was in the Beverly Center in LA and encountered far LESS snobbery and exclusiveness than I have in Canadian ho hum mediocre shopping malls. And for the record, Americans are WAYYY friendlier than Canadians, and so much easier to approach. Sorry but its true. I can say this from living abroad (US/Europe/Asia) for over 30 years.

Canadians have always had a huge inferiority complex about who they are and worrying about others who might have more or get ahead. Americans are much friendlier in general, more open and not so jealous of others. Canadians may say “sorry” when you bump into them, but get them in a car on the highway and they will race up within a few feet of your bumper and cut you off every chance they get. 
As for the Canadian beer and coffee? Horrible and weak on both counts, weak and tasteless. And the healthcare system? Good on some counts, but when you really need specialist care and soon, it doesn t exist, get in line and wait for months. 
And as someone else observed above, Canadians continuously bad mouth Americans but line up at the border crossings to go shop, dine and be entertained (this is still happening in spite of the Canadian dollar being worth 30% less than U.S.). No such lineup of Americans coming to Canada, even though for them they are getting a 30% discount. Pros and cons for both countries, but I ve lived in both Canada (25 years) and U.S. (27 years), and would hands down take life in the U.S. over Canada.
Michael Luksa

I am Canadian. And I have been around, and Canadians self centered, self righteous, and extremely rude. And what gets me, is that we sit on our front verandas swill beer and run the Americans down but, at the same time we hop across the border looking for deals, now how hypocritical is that. Not only that, Canada or Toronto is seen as the melting pot. Bullshit!! Canadians are Torontonians are prejudice. 
I plan on going away later this year, Iceland then Alaska, and if you think for one damn minute I am going to wear a Canadian flag, your are delusional.

Canadians are very rude indeed. i’m an Asian who traveled Canada, and i have been called “f-head” shouted loud by a white Canadian woman driver because i crossed a road in a shopping center parking lot. (everyone were doing it.) and worse part is her kid was insulting me as well in the back seat while his mother drove slowly next to me so she could give her kid a chance to insult me more. and that same day, this Canadian Asian guy bumps me hard on a narrow pedestrian road despite my effort to evade him because he was looking at his friend and not paying attention to his front at all, he then gave me a angry thuggish look instead of apologizing. and of course i’ve met a nice people in Canada too but i have never experienced this level of rudeness in my life when i was living in my home country.

It’s true, I live in Vancouver and every Canadian there is so rude to me no matter what. Really, I’m serious!

Anybody who believes Canadians are nicer than any other particular nation’s citizens obviously hasn’t spent a Saturday night on Granville Street in Vancouver after the bars get out or had to dodge a teenage swarming while walking down Spring Garden Road on an otherwise lovely Halifax night. On either coast one will see nice Canadians beating the shit out of even nicer Canadians while stepping over perfectly genteel Canucks passed out blissfully in cordial pools of their own friendly vomit.
From http://riotwire.com/column/sorry-canadians-are-not-that-nice-sorry-sorry/

These are just some examples online. I am trying to say that stupid people are everywhere. The prejudge of certain people can be very wrong.