Yoga of the day: EASY POSE

Level: Beginner


  1. Sit on the edge of a firm blanket. Extend your legs in front of your body and sit up straight in Seated Staff Pose (Dandasana).
  2. Cross your legs in front of you at the shins. With your knees wide, place each foot beneath the opposite knee.
  3. Fold your legs in toward your torso. Place your hands on your knees, palms down.
  4. Balance your weight evenly across your sit bones. Align your head, neck, and spine. Lengthen your spine, but soften your neck. Relax your feet and thighs.
  5. Gaze straight ahead. Hold for up to one minute.
  6. Release and change the cross of your legs.

(Original Instagram Picture: Yoga.Guide)

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Originally published at Toronto Fitness on May 7, 2015.