When Somebody Steals Your Medium Post
Kamil Stanuch

Stop “Sharing”. Start WRITING.

A keyboard at one’s fingertips does not a “writer” make… Innit?

For many years, I’ve been “smh” at:

The propagation of mediocrity… the computer-made images, sounds and graphics, the “music” unwritten by human beings… or written once, but co-opted, “remixed” now by people with exaggerated senses of Self(ie); or new self-esteems poking their heads out like flowers (or testudines)… reminding themselves feverishly that they CAN:

They CAN draw. They CAN paint. They CAN dance and make music… They ARE artists, producers, DJs and filmmakers.

They DO exist… but on the backs and shoulders of technology; or the original works of others that they feel entitled, and are openly encouraged, to “share”.

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I know no one will steal my piece referenced above, because a) It’s original (as is all of my WordSpeak). It’s not a weird list of things… Nor some treacly self-help treatise that nobody has even asked me to write. It’s a first-person, largely in-head thought / mood piece. Nobody else fell down on 14th Street, lay there and thought the same things that I did at that given moment… Ever.

That’s writing.

Compiling and “sharing” lists (or words!), is not.

Anyway, b) ©All Rights Reserved. It’s the oldest and simplest trick in the book. You don’t want to get through some words I’ve written because in the end, you‘re not encouraged to share or “highlight” certain phrases?


For every hundred or so who choose to eschew me, because their online friends have no way of seeing that they’re reading a dark comic piece set in Munich, for example… there will always be one or two who begin to “follow” my first-person, largely in-head thought / mood pieces (with proudly bottom-scraping “read ratios”!) who will know better, and know that what they’re reading is original (always)… not to be gratuitously shared or “recommended”… and written, 100%,

by Jeff Glovsky