PhilSciComm inaugural workshop: Philosophy of science in the practice of science communication

our APA small grant proposal

On December 5th, 2019, we received encouraging news. The American Philosophical Association (APA) has awarded us with a small grant to carry out our inaugural workshop! “The Philosophy of Science in the Practice of Science Communication” workshop is an opportunity to forge connections between those in Austria and in California, USA and for philosophers to meet science communicators and vice versa.

Read the full proposal below!


Public discourse is divided on crucial issues such as climate change, vaccines, and genetic modification. Proper outreach to facilitate better communication about science can help tackle the causes underlying these divisions and address growing public concern over the authority of science. Philosophers are uniquely poised to contribute to science outreach from a conceptual perspective, but effective endeavors need to be developed in close contact with the practices. We, co-leads of the Philosophy of Science Communication Network, are thus seeking funding to launch our a workshop to scaffold the philosophy of science communication and its practice. We will prototype a set of interdisciplinary activities to bring together philosophers of science and professionals of science communication. The outcomes are “in practice”, transferable training models and career mentoring networks for philosophers of science to complement, contribute to, and gain expertise in the communication of science.

This post was originally written up on Dec 5th, 2019.



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Lynn Chiu

Lynn Chiu


I communicate science from a philosophical perspective. Researcher of living things that stay with the trouble. Communicator of risky interdisciplinary science.