PSA Poster Session: Philsci Papers Related to Scicomm

From Jan 22 to Feb 5, 2021, the Philosophy of Science Association hosted a three week virtual poster session. The following posters will be of particular interest to our community. We can’t post the posters in full here, but we can direct you to the live tweets reporting on them.

Members of the Media Committee of PSA (Soazig Le Bihan, Lynn Chiu, Sophie Veigl) live tweeted each poster via their personal accounts or the official account of PSA.

Papers of interest to the philscicomm community include a poster on the role of philosophers of science in and of public engagement with science, a framework from philosophy of language for scientific communication, collaborations with scientists to improve climate science communication, the limitations of the outreach model of science, on pseudoscience, on scientific failure and what counts as normal, on the epistemic nature of models as “dogwhistles,” and on the natural and social biases in science.

This piece was originally posted on the PhilSciComm website on Jan 31st, 2021.



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Lynn Chiu

Lynn Chiu


I communicate science from a philosophical perspective. Researcher of living things that stay with the trouble. Communicator of risky interdisciplinary science.