Self-Individuation during Quarantine(Part Two)

Practical tips and ideas on becoming a more complete person

The Anima/Animus

Left (Masculine) Hemisphere vs. Right (Feminine) Hemisphere
Left (Masculine) Hemisphere vs. Right (Feminine) Hemisphere

Avoiding Repression of the Anima and Animus

Practical Tips

This is because the analyst allows the participant to join in a quest for the truth; through expression and experience of the Self, in ways which are often prohibited by the compromises made in the service of social acceptance in non-analytic relationships.

Mental Health Start-up landscape — courtesy of What If Ventures

“The self is relatedness… The self only exists inasmuch as you appear. Not that you are, but that you do the self. The self appears in your deeds and deeds always mean relationship.”


Jung believed that it is the ultimate purpose of human life to experience this coming together of the whole. To fully integrate and make conscious everything about ourselves that was hidden in the unconscious.



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