💜Behind the Scene of Virtual Singer Teflon Sega

Teflon Sega is a virtual anime singer/artist who debuted in 2018 anonymously. He collects millions of plays on various platforms like Spotify or Youtube and draws the attention of media like BBC and SoundCloud.
This is the best combination for Wave teaming up with Teflon to create his first live performance. This year, we held 2 concerts on March 16 and May 12 respectively.

Wave x Teflon Sega

🎙️Wave x Teflon Sega — Dimensions Vol. 1🎙️

The main tasks of this are the environmental assets, like floor, elevators, a forest of tropical plants…etc.

Manually place every single plant as a digital gardener

The shader is also part of my work, just much simpler, like the floor indicator and “faked” light on elevator windows…etc, some minor dynamic stuff.

No idea why it looks so spooky~ haha

There are way too many plants in this scene, so most of the time is on optimizing and reducing the draw call. That’s why I feel like being a digital gardener.

🎙️Wave x Teflon Sega — Dimensions Vol. 2🎙️

On the second show, I put a lot of effort into the iced heart shader. On one hand, to clearly understand the visual requirement of the director, and on the other hand, discuss a lot with the engineering team to confirm what’s the parameters we need and make sure the shader is still performance efficient.

Iced Heart Shader Development

For sure we did a lot of environmental assets, like this beautiful Zbrush sculpting planet and this perspective-illusion room from my colleagues.

Planet and room

It’s worth noting that there are limited NFT(Wave x Teflon) drops from these shows on OneOf which similar to Akaswap, this platform is built on a more eco-friendly Tezos blockchain.

Wave x Teflon video NFT

Nevertheless, I’m a bit confused about the users can get the NFT without providing a wallet(How to apply your transaction on the chain?🤔), and it seems to not allow users to mint or create our NFT. This restriction contradicted the spirit of decentralization in the blockchain community?

Anyway, I’m still very glad to own it. Hope there will be more interesting NFT coming and more stories to share!



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