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IFB (I follow back) and President Buhari’s International Youth Day tweets

Although funny, here’s what the famous twitter acronym under the president’s tweet might be telling us.

We recently established a 75billion Naira"

Nigerian Youth investment fund (NYIF) as part of our commitment to creating opportunities for the youth of Nigeria. On the occasion of International youth day, I urge all our young people to take advantage of these opportunities.” Muhammadu Buhari

The above tweet was made by the president on the International Youth Day, while this tweet is important and also crucial for the empowerment of the Youths in the country. The responses in the comment section from Nigerians would be our focus In this short article.

What is IFB

Wondering what IFB stands for? well it was the most useful response on the President’s youth day tweet.

IFB means “I follow back”, it is used as an invite to gather more followers on twitter, you find words like that often under twitter threads of famous and world renowned individuals.

So while the president had made 75billion Naira focused tweet, most Nigerians Didn’t seem to care or to respond in a like manner instead of the “ I follow back” words Dominated the responses.

Is that a problem? what does it mean

This kind of comments on important issues could be another picture that shows that most youths are losing hope in current administration or perhaps in the future of The country. One would have expected criticism worse still but that wasn’t even the case. Another point is that this could be as a result of the fact that most youths feel their voices aren’t being heard by the people at the top.

The above statistics released by Stears business and Nigeria bureau of statistics shows the youths are more likely to be unemployed or underemployed. This only is huge problem that need special attention but over the years the increased combined unemployment shows that only little attention has been shown.

For me, IFBs on the president youth day tweet tells a big problem about the The fact most youths are not optimistic about the Buhari led administration.


While this government has continued to try its best to make Nigeria work, it seems we haven’t made huge progress yet and IFBs on the president recent tweets and others show most Nigerian don’t really care about anything again. Some see the country as a joke. Nevertheless, amends can be made and it Should start from the NYIF promised by the president.

All hope isn’t lost.



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