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Countdown to Extinction

Phlux Love
Jun 4, 2018 · 4 min read

Let’s talk about extinction. Did you know that extinction occurs at a natural “background” rate of about one to five species per year?

But, did you know that we’re now losing species at 1,000 to 10,000 times the background rate? We are in the 6th mass extinction on our planet, and it’s not because of an asteroid, volcanic eruptions or climate shifts.

I wonder… how could an advanced species, wired for preservation, be the harbinger of it’s own demise? I wonder if there is an “advanced” version of humans?

Our population is growing at 200,000 people a day, but are they really human. Let’s define human a bit differently here. Human is what you and I are when we’re living our full human potential, operating at peak performance, intellectual capacity and self awareness.

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When we aren’t, let’s call ourselves robots. Why robots? Because when we let the mind rule over us, when we live on auto-pilot, there is no “you” in charge. It’s just your brain, which is just a big complex computer.

Robots are programmed to act in perfect accord to the way they are programmed. Our brain is wired to predict and protect us. We’re being programmed from day one. Our brain can only, ever and always take every memory we’ve had and formulate best case responses. ‍‍‍

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But here’s the difference between you and a robot. You eat your fuel. And worse, if what you eat is chemically toxic you can corrupt your brain wiring. You were born with a built-in pharmacy, getting prescriptions from your body based on what you put in your mouth.

If you’re toxic, your body is giving you bad prescriptions. It’s like your body is an addict and your brain is the drug dealer. Sadly, we know this. We know about sugar, we know about pesticides, we know about GMO’s, we see all the diseases.

But it doesn’t matter because our brains aren’t working at peak performance. We are chemically induced into consciousness comas by what we consume, and thus completely shutting down our capacity to think. We are not human.

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We are turning into a society of robots, not humans. And not like the smart robots. No, we are toxically corrupted robots running on bad fuel.

Look around. 2.1 billion people are either obese or overweight. This includes 42 million children under five years old. More people die each year from being overweight, not under-weight. I wonder how the brain, wired for self-preservation, would allow this food-based chemical hostile take-over. Why do we sacrifice our quality of life for chemically-induced desires?

Wired to predict… and protect us? Why doesn’t it kick in and tell us to stop feeding itself poison?

Or does it? When does the “you” show up and shut down the autopilot? Could it be when we’re running low and out of energy, when we feel the addiction to sugar and coffee and cravings. Is this the body’s way of telling us, “Hey! You’re out of balance!” That would make sense… But why don’t we hear it that way? If our brains aren’t working, can we reboot?

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And who’s to blame? The farmers, the corps, big pharma, the government, our parents, society, our genetics, the list is endless, and useless because the truth is…no one controls you, except you.

The only thing you have control over is you. It is up to you to push your own button and reboot. You have to slap yourself in the face and say “I’m the problem and the solution!”

You choose what you put in your mouth. You choose what you put on your body. Educate yourself.

If you’ve succumb to toxic-robot status, you are in the fast lane to death. The good news, you have the reboot button and only you can push it.

What do you think? Obesity or Robots? Which do you think will take us out first? What about in your own life, do you live to your fullest potential or are you a toxic automated meatbag? These are my favorite conversation starters, leave your comments below.


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