Prakash Neupane
Mar 19, 2019 · 2 min read

The television program, Culture Shock, is a culmination of numerous things. Rich Manley’s grandfather used to encourage him to acquire knowledge of various activities. At a certain point in his teenage life, Rich was attracted to magic and illusion effects. After obtaining his magic skills from his grandfather and performing for various television programs and events, he planned a solo trip to perform for locals in Africa. At first glance, he fell in love with the nation. In Africa, he learned about various cultures, but deep down he felt disheartened by watching the reality of people living there. He took his cards and used magic as an approach to open up their hearts, just as his mind was opened to the conditions they endured.

Furthermore, he traveled to Egypt to celebrate Khan EI Khalili Bazar and got a chance to perform magic in the market as all the merchants gathered around. Rich Manley ended up performing magic for the entire street. Afterwards, he was invited for tea by shop owners and Rich was called as a brother by everyone. Thereupon, he felt that magic had a power beyond its simple use to create an emotion of joy and disbelief. It conveyed a beautiful message that magic can bring people more close on an unworldly level.
This is how Culture Shock took place. Rich Manley was so inspired by his grandfather and came up with a message that magic is all about purity, heart, and love. The main motive of Rich Manley concerning about magic is that he wants to ignite a spark among people by using magic as a powerful skill to bridge cultures. Rich Manley will always follow the footsteps of his grandfather and his mission will be to gain knowledge about distinct cultures which are fading in the world. According to Rich, interactions with people of different nations will always have his heart and wants to show how imperative these people’s traditions and ways of life are in the world. He always strives to show how the modern world is threatening their very ways of life. That is the real Culture Shock.

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