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Join the FinNexus Global Ambassadors Program!

Don’t feel like reading everything and wanna just skip right to the application? No problem, APPLY NOW!

FinNexus is seeking superstar leaders from around the world to be in our first group of Global Ambassadors.

We want to begin to formally recognize members of FinNexus’s online community who have stepped up and shown leadership within their own local communities.

To achieve this, FinNexus is launching a Global Ambassador program aimed at bringing technical and non-technical people together on a global scale.

We’re launching this program because:

1. We believe the three most important factors for a successful project in this space are community, community, and community! Sharing knowledge and catering to those who are not as versed in the options and other decentralized derivatives and about DeFi in general is one of the primary goals behind this program.

2. We want to leverage the community to the best of our capabilities through online events, competitions and other activities, local marketing support and funding to those who want to spread the word about FinNexus and decentralized derivatives to their own communities.

Why join the program?

  1. Support and funding — FinNexus will support your efforts in hosting online events, workshops, or other initiatives that you may propose.
  2. Access to exclusive bounty opportunities — We will frequently give our ambassadors exclusive opportunities to earn $FNX by completing bounties in areas such as graphic design, content creation, and much more. As an ambassador you also have the privilege of being apply to propose and apply for a bounty at any time for any activity you think will benefit the community.
  3. Professional development — You will gain professional and leadership experience by taking the initiative to grow a community in your region and help with other work based on your level of initiative and drive. In terms of how far you can take this role, the sky is the limit. We value and reward hard workers. We see our Global Ambassadors as special individuals who can grow into paid part-time or full-time roles at FinNexus.
  4. Inside exposure — As a Global Ambassador for FinNexus, you will participate in regular phone calls with key leaders, gaining insight into strategy, new products, and decision-making.
  5. Focus group participation — As a Global Ambassador, you will be leveraged by FinNexus’s product team for demos and feedback sessions on new products being developed internally such as wallets, tools, or other new releases.

How can you contribute?

  • Helping to spread word about FinNexus on social media
  • Organizing online events & activities, workshops, or other initiatives with the global FinNexus community or your own local community (eligible for reimbursement)
  • Building online communities in your local language or region
  • Working on improvements to FinNexus’s documentation, tutorials, or other technical literature
  • Writing blog posts about FinNexus, options / derivates, DeFi, or related topics
  • Creative/graphic design contributions
  • Pursuing potential collaboration opportunities that could benefit the FinNexus ecosystem
  • Participating in and helping moderate community channels (e.g. Telegram)
  • Developing or porting tools that could benefit FinNexus’s platform
  • Providing input into strategic decisions via conversations with FinNexus’s lead team

How to Apply

Interested in joining us? Please submit an application here, if you pass the application process we will add you to the FinNexus CrewFire and will also add you to an exclusive FinNexus Telegram chat. We are looking forward to meeting you working with you together!


  • What time commitment can I expect?
    Global Ambassadors can expect at least 3 hours per month, but could increase based on the person’s time commitments and initiative.
  • Will the position be paid?
    The position is not paid, and the ambassador program is based primarily on individual initiative and motivation to grow the FinNexus community and brand. However there will often be bounty opportunities for earning $FNX which are available only to ambassadors for doing projects which require special skills or efforts. FinNexus will reimburse certain approved expenses for events hosted by the Ambassador.
  • Can I help with something that you haven’t listed above?
    Absolutely! We encourage our Ambassadors to think creatively and strategically as to what work could continue to grow and improve FinNexus’s ecosystem, brand, and global presence.
  • Am I qualified if I don’t speak completely fluent English?
    Yes! We would like our Ambassadors to be able to communicate with the team in English. However, we do not expect you to be a completely fluent or native-level English speaker. This is all about growing the FinNexus brand in your home community, so use whatever language you and your community are most comfortable with.
  • Other questions? Reach out to our community managers on Telegram.

About FinNexus

FinNexus is building a suite of open finance protocol clusters that will power hybrid marketplaces trading both decentralized and traditional financial products. The headline product to be released is a fully decentralized bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) options model that will live on both Wanchain and Ethereum.

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