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  • Foundation Core Team: 5,000,000
  • Immediate Release: 3,833,333
  • Released after 6 months: 3,833,333
  • Released after 12 months: 3,833,333
  • Global Communications Director
  • Global Blockchain Director
  • Global Marketing Director
  • Global Partnerships Director
  • Global Initiative Director
  • Protocol layer use cases
  • Phoenix dApp Store use cases
  • Phoenix DAO use cases
  • Hybrid apps use cases
  • As currency for payments, loans, interest in PHNX.
  • Organizations requesting a user’s identity information must pay the user in PHNX.
  • Allows for dApps to be built on any vertical with an identity layer and enables them to utilize PHNX.
  • Fees for file storage paid in PHNX.
  • Enables for dividend payments to security token holders in PHNX.
  • Interest payments in PHNX.
  • Use legal contracts from Phoenix Storage to be approved.
  • On-chain approval from Phoenix Identity for KYC/AML users.
  • Micro-transaction of PHNX for authenticating an action.
  • 2% of all dApp store sales will be sent to the DAO smart contracts for use in expanding the ecosystem through dApp development and future initiatives.
  • dApp sales will be priced in PHNX. Option to trade any ERC20 for PHNX instantly.
  • Owners of dApps can charge users additional fees in PHNX, and 2% of the sales of these transactions go to the DAO smart contracts.
  • All DAO funded flagship dApp sales will be used for ecosystem expansion.
  • 1,000 staked PHNX required for voting rights in the DAO.
  • 10,000 staked PHNX to create a proposal.
  • Voting to include changes to governance structure, leaders, protocol proposals, marketing proposals, listing proposals, funding/rewarding people for participation within the ecosystem.
  • Buy, sell, and gift event tickets, which are purchased in PHNX.
  • Early access on purchasing tickets can be given to PHNX token holders.
  • P2P transfers
  • Discount on fees for using PHNX
  • Staking of PHNX for fee reductions in product subscription models.




Community Relaunch Hydro Ecosystem as PhoenixDAO to bring True Decentralization

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