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Completing our first full month

As PhoenixDAO enters a new month, we look back at the accomplishments
achieved in our first full month. Throughout June we welcomed many new
community members and added some fresh faces to the team as country
ambassadors. It really has been an extremely productive month and we would love to share just some of the exciting milestones reached.


Earlier in the month we shared the first look of building out the DAO, excited to announce that the front-end (user interface) is complete. The user interface is the dashboard where PHNX holders can login to view and interact with anything and everything in the DAO ecosystem. This is a huge milestone as it ticks off the first PhoenixDAO road-map objective for 2020.

If you would like to see more of the DAO visual designs, please read our article First Look — Building the DAO:

Development work has now begun on the DAO platform back end and we will bring further details on this once available.

Also on the development side, we have signed off on a new revolutionary dApp that has already begun being developed — we’re super excited to share this one with you all!

Exchanges & Listings

PhoenixDAO was listed on major token tracking services. CMC and CoinGecko. Now some of you may say you need 3 exchanges to view particular sets of data. In response, we say watch this space ;)

To supplement trading on Bittrex Global, PhoenixDAO is extremely excited to announce that PHNX was listed on CoinEx!

CoinEx enables our US community and other previously restricted regions to get involved without having the geographical restrictions some exchanges have placed, the more people we can give access to PHNX the better.

For our DEX lovers, a PHNX pool was added to Uniswap is showing real promise, we will be looking to strengthen the liquidity pool over time, please read this article for full details:

PhoenixDAO was also featured on the front page of Bittrex Global after an astonishing first few weeks of being listed!

We continue with talks to a number of exchanges and are pushing hard to agree listings, this is an extremely high priority for the teams so please watch this space!


Our strategic partner Numio are pushing forward with testing of their Pay app and we have been informed Vault isn’t too far behind. They really are bringing something quite special to the space with these dApps!

We are just finalizing a second strategic partnership agreement, more of this to come over the coming weeks! We are really excited about what this one!


On the first day of June, we announced our ‘Country Ambassador’ program. Since the announcement, we have been overwhelmed by the number of applicants already wanting to join our team, currently over 55 community members from all corners of the world have applied. Based on the applications, we can honestly say we have some truly skillful resources available to us and will be looking to on-board more ambassadors over the coming months.

Please welcome the ambassadors and allow them to offer any assistance you may need. To learn more about the new ambassadors please read their introductions:

If you would like to apply to be a Country Ambassador and also hear more details on taking part in marketing activities for PhoenixDAO then please apply via this form-


To coincide with our listing on Bittrex Global, we participated in our first ever AMA with Bittrex Global, featuring our partner Numio! We felt it would be a shame not to share this for anyone who didn’t get a chance to be involved! See if you can spot the spoiler alert.

Bittrex AMA transcript:

On the final day of the month, we also participated in a CoinEx AMA with our partner Numio. Thank you for your fantastic questions, we hope you enjoyed our answers. A transcript of the AMA will be released shortly. For now you can search the AMA on CoinEx’s telegram channel:


We hit our first Twitter milestone with 1,000 followers. We hope to see an extra zero get added to that number in the near future. Who is going to be our 1,000th Telegram member? ;). This would not have been possible if it was not for our passionate community, thank you for helping spread the word about PhoenixDAO.

For our creative minded community members, our creative team has pushed lots of cool designs and creatives to our GitHub, be sure to have a play if you feel creative! The beauty of this is it’s open source, so anyone can contribute to it by creating a PR (Pull Requests) to the main branch (master). —

PhoenixDAO would like to thank the community for their continuous support. July is set to be another exciting month! As always, make sure to be following all our social media channels to never miss an exciting update again!

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