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Phoenix DAO — V1 Functional Overview

Hello community

As announced, PhoenixDAO hit our biggest development milestone to-date — on the 15th of October 2020 the first functional version of the DAO platform was launched for internal testing. Our development partners Xord and creative partners Crevatal yet again proving to be a key part of our success thus far.

Internal testing is underway and personally, we LOVE it! An area of focus and one we are also working extremely hard on is further analyzing UX/UI to ensure that when the DAO is released it is idiot proof :-). We work on the basis that if we launch and are fining ourselves confused or unclear on how areas of the DAO platform work then we haven’t done our jobs.

The idea is that both novice and experienced DAO users can interact easily with the platform, and if they need any clarification, all the details are intuitively generated with a simple click.

Modular Breakdown

  1. Dashboard
  2. Proposals
  3. Votes
  4. Active Projects
  5. Rewards
  6. My Projects


The DAO dashboard gives an at-a-glance overview of key public details;

  1. Most recent submitted proposals
  2. Voting results on proposal
  3. Transaction history of all users
  • Submitted proposal transactions
  • Voting (staking) transactions
  • Funding transactions (where project funding is appropriate)

4. Token distribution chart

(UI Subject to change)


Specifically in V.1 of the Phoenix DAO we have built in admin safety guards, later releases will see these measures phased out whilst maintaining the projects best interests, slowly but surely leads to success in the long run.

The proposals section is where all the action starts, users can submit their proposal by filling out the proposal form (details will be available on public launch). The proposal is then on-hold whilst admins review, once the review is complete it will either be declined or approved by an admin. If approved then the up-vote process on proposal will begin, at this point all DAO users interested in the idea will up-vote a proposal, this specific vote is off-chain and therefore doesn’t incur any fees.

The proposal will be declared passed once it reaches the target up-vote amount which with careful consideration is set by the admin assigned to this proposal. Once a proposal passes the proposal will then move to the on-chain voting section.

(UI Subject to change)
(UI Subject to change)

Votes (DAO staking)

This section is the final check before your proposal gets approved, this is a key section for proposals.

Voting will start on 2nd of every month and will end on 4th. You will have three days to convince others to vote on your proposal but this voting is not like the previous voting, here users will vote on each other’s proposals by staking $PHNX.

In the first iteration of the DAO we will be tying the PHNX Spot Staking dApp smart contract which means that users can stake, receive the instant high % reward and will then be entitled to a single vote, importantly we are limiting voting to one vote per person in an attempt to prevent whale manipulation.

Once a proposal reaches 51% or more votes it will pass voting successfully and will move to the active project section. This voting by staking is a WIN-WIN for both (the person staking as they receive fantastic rewards and for those who submit proposals because they see proposals pass). The person who staked will receive the staking reward

(UI Subject to change)
(UI Subject to change)

Active Projects — Public

This section covers all active projects, these are proposals that have been up-voted off-chain and then voted through on-chain by the DAO community. The data and progress for each active project will be public and will allow all users to view milestone progress along with other key detail.

(UI Subject to change)
(UI Subject to change)

Rewards — Public

Rewards are funds that have been sent out by the DAO as part of proposals that request funding and pass. This list is public for transparency.

(UI Subject to change)

My Projects — Private

This section is where users can access their own personal proposals. This section is divided in two sub sections:

  1. First image below — Active Project
  2. Second image below — All Proposals

Active projects will show the user their own active projects also allowing users the ability to mark each milestone that has been completed and update their Github and/or Medium links. An admin will verify each submission of completed milestones to prevent bad acting. If successfully verified then the admin will issue the funds.

The proposal tab is where a user can review all proposals submitted regardless of the admin/voting results.

(UI Subject to change)
(UI Subject to change)

As internal testing and reviews progress we will aim to bring more updates for you all. The Phoenix is extremely excited to see it’s community and new members participating and growing the ecosystem!

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