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PhoenixDAO Needs You!

Calling all passionate PhoenixDAO community members!

We are evolving and building at a rate of knots! Some of our marketing initiatives are obvious and some are not however, this is the BIGGEST and BOLDEST move to date!

As we are closing in on key milestones, it’s quite clear that power is in numbers and we need an army to get the word out! One of our highest priorities to-date has been you — our community and so we figured now was the time to turn the heat up. It’s simple — united we will succeed!

Introducing the PhoenixDAO Army Initiative.

What is the PhoenixDAO Army initiative?

To build brand awareness, we are seeking the help of our community. Most commonly known as a Growth Squad. Activities will include community engagement on various channels (Telegram & Twitter) and general tasks to grow the project. Not to mention there’ll be plenty of memes.

We have 50 spaces available and will look to expand the group over time.

What are the benefits of joining?

There will be many incentives for being an active participant in this program. These incentives will include but not limited to:

  • Massive PHNX Prizes including monthly lottery draw
  • Exclusive early access to product testings (DAO)
  • Voting on community decisions
  • Personal contact with PhoenixDAO team members

Plus more incentives to be shared once joining

So what are you waiting for? — Join the PhoenixDAO Army and let’s grow together!


  • Holding PHNX token?
  • Excited about what PhoenixDAO are building?
  • Want PHNX to grow?
  • Willing to contribute?

In true Army spirit — WE NEED YOU!.

Enlistment form — Click here

PhoenixDAO team came up with the name ‘PhoenixDAO Army’ however, this is about the community so one of the first things we’ll be doing is a competition to rename the squad, putting it to a vote and then we will reward the winner!

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