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PhoenixDAO — October Recap

Hello community,

First and foremost we thank you for your continued support these last six months wouldn’t have been the same without so many of you! October has now passed and some impressive milestones were hit.

PhoenixDAO AMA hosted by Pentoshi

Marketing is paramount, we’re working hard to find a balance between various marketing strategies. Something we know has a big impact is influencer marketing, definitely an area we will continue to explore however, just in October alone it was great to work with a number of influencers to boost awareness. One being Pentoshi, he shared his positive view on PhoenixDAO, PHNX and even hosted the team for an AMA.

PhoenixDAO Spot Staking dApp V1.1 Successfully Released

We’re thrilled to officially announce that the PHNX Spot Staking dApp has successfully been updated for the first time since launch and just in time for our first event to be announced. Our dedicated team of developers at are working hard to ensure everything we launch is to a high standard. A key driver for us is to make our products extremely user-friendly to the new and experienced users.

We also reached an amazing 2,000,000 PHNX tokens now staked!

100% instant reward — PHNX Spot Staking events are launching!

This month we’re launching the staking events with a bang, ‘Happy Hour’ is the first of the PHNX events! They will come in all forms and sizes but this one…well we felt it perhaps should have been called happy minute because offering 100% instant reward is going to fill up fast and to make things even more explosive we will be announcing when the event is live only hours before.

Creating an army of support!

To build brand awareness, we are seeking the help of our community. More commonly known as a growth squad. Activities will include community engagement on various channels (Telegram & Twitter) and general tasks to assist with community growth. — PHNX/BTC

Working closely with the fantastic team we have decided to move from $ETH trading pair to $BTC, hopefully improving trading of $PHNX on their platform.…

PhoenixDAO begin internal testing of the DAO

A date was announced and we hit it, internal testing of our DAO platform finally commenced on October the 15th, the team are working hard to break as much as we can and find ways in which to improve the user experience before we begin public testing.

We’re going staking crazy! — REWARDS, REWARDS, REWARDS!

The first round of rewards have now been distributed to users who are contributing to the PHNX liquidity pool on UNISWAP, it’s important to say here that by contributing you’re bringing value to not only the project but also more directly the holders so keep on doing what you’re doing :-)


We have kept this quiet but an area the team have been working hard on is ensuring the necessary formalities are in place to see PhoenixDAO move to new heights.

We’re proud to share that PhoenixDAO have now successfully obtained a Singaporean legal opinion to confirm that the PHNX token is not a security, a must have for a number of on-going conversations the team are having. Exciting times ahead.



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