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PhoenixDAO Spot Staking dApp V1.1 Successfully Released

Hello all,

We’re thrilled to officially announce that the PHNX Spot Staking dApp has successfully been updated for the first time since launch and just in time for our first event to be announced. Our dedicated team of developers at are working hard to ensure everything we launch is to a high standard. A key driver for us is to make our products extremely user-friendly to the new and experienced users.

Some of you may have already noticed however, if not we have made small but important changes throughout mainly focusing on UX/UI improvements — adding hover state mode to many of the fields which gives user the ability to hover over fields to show further details, giving buttons more depth and bunch of other useful improvements which we feel make the platform that little bit more intuitive. Creating great user experience is paramount.

Please feel free to let us know what you think in one of our Telegram channels and as we move towards the later planning phase of V.2 your feedback will help us enhance the dApp further. No timings are currently locked for the next release however, what we are able to tell you is that we will be running community survey and feedback systems which may include a reward, stay tuned.

Watch out for more updates over the coming months.

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