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PhoenixDAO Website Makeover!

Hello community,

Just a short one for you all to share some of the latest updates to our website and the reasoning behind some of them.

Important part first — Whilst we are updating the website it may be down for 24–48 hours, this is nothing to be concerned about.

Exchange vs. Partners

Originally our website showcased partners and exchanges under the same section, as we grow and create strategic partnerships along with new exchange listings we have decided to separate these two. You will now be able to find endorsed exchange listings where the PHNX token can be traded and separate a partner section. We expect to see these

Streamlining the PhoenixDAO Offering

We have made a number of subtle changes to our offering and this is for a number of reasons.

  • With the huge DeFi movement we have worked to subtly highlight how our product and protocol offerings are extremely well suited to the fintech and DeFi vertical.
  • We are looking to bring more focus and specialisation to what we’re building and so have removed the storage protocol as we will not be looking to build out or promote that right now.
  • Our staking dApp will be integrated to our website and a CTA button will be added to the homepage for easy access to the dApp when it is officially launched.

There will also be further updates to the website so be sure to check it out!

Furthermore the team are also working on the PhoenixDAO V.2 White Paper which will reflect a number of the alterations plus more.

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