PhoneMe App iOS/Android Update #3 — Lots of bug fix

Allan Leung
Dec 24, 2021 · 2 min read

It’s been awhile since we gave an update to the state of this app. Lately we have been focusing on fixing a lot of bugs and refining features on the Android side. We also optimise the back-end and create a CI/CD pipeline for future developers. We did notice there were lots of crash reports on Google Play Console and Firebase. Our team has fixed the majority of the report bug, login, email confirmation and image rendering.

The Apple iOS App Store download link can be found here!
The Google PlayStore download link can be found here!

We added a small feature called “claim poems” where previous PhoneMe website users can claim their old poem on the new mobile platform. Clicking the hand will prompt a modal to claim a poem.

Special thanks to all the beta testers for helping us identify issues. That is all for now. Have a happy holiday and stay safe everyone. Thanks for reading and we look forward to updating you very soon on our progress.




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