PhonePe launches the “Pulse” of Digital Payments — India’s first interactive geospatial website

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~ PhonePe Pulse is India’s go-to destination for accurate and comprehensive data on digital payment trends

~ The Pulse website reveals digital transaction habits of over 300 Mn Indians at a district level

~The Pulse report is a ‘state of the union’ in-depth view on the Indian digital payments industry

We recently launched PhonePe Pulse, India’s first interactive website with data, insights and trends on digital payments in the country. The PhonePe Pulse website showcases more than 2000+ Crore transactions by consumers on an interactive map of India. With over 45% market share, PhonePe’s data is representative of the country’s digital payment habits.

We also launched the Pulse Report, an in-depth study on the evolution of digital payments over the past 5 years. The report offers rich insights about how the digital payment adoption across India has evolved since 2016, and includes detailed geographical and category specific trends.

The insights on the website and in the report have been drawn from two key sources — the entirety of PhonePe’s transaction data combined with merchant and customer interviews. The report is available as a free download on the PhonePe Pulse website.

This innovative new product is relevant to multiple ecosystem stakeholders including the government, policy makers, regulatory bodies, media, industry analysts, merchant partners, startups, academic institutions and students. The rich data set along with insightful trends and stories can be used by these partners to understand consumer and merchant behavior and identify new opportunities for growth.

PhonePe Pulse is a first-of-its-kind product in India and is the culmination of months of research and collaboration by a cross-functional team which included Corporate Communications professionals, Business Analysts, Marketers, Designers, Writers, Engineering and Business teams from across the company.

Visit: and download the Pulse report available on the website.



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