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Mindful Walking

I’ve been swamped with work-related stuff and while fun (and a lot of progress) I had to cut my Medium reading/writing that just about had started to become routine.

The one thing I did not cut down on was being outdoors, for at least 2 hours/day the dog and I explore nearby parks and the fall has been glorious. As of recently, I tend to take my “new” Nikon D750 with me and the 35–200 lens which turned out to be the perfect “walk-around” lens. Maybe not quite as sharp as prime lenses but the vast zoom range of that thing allows a different way to look at the world.

And so, my daily walks have changed, I notice small details more, have started to have favorite trees simply because of the way they look, am poking around the same streams, and discover new light patterns every day. The dog knows that when I have the camera, there will be fewer sticks/-balls thrown and she amuses herself exploring every single deer or horse poop within 100m of the trail. Good for the microbiome, I guess.
Anyway. Not much to report, no deep philosophical insights today, just a few photos, little massaged in Lightroom.

Leaves on water. ©Dietrich Ruehlmann Nikon D750, ISO100, 90mm, 1/200 f:5.6

It was overcast and the water was pitch-black. I took this photo with the intent to make it a monochrome but popping the color saturation a little seemed to work as well.

Water. ©Dietrich Ruehlmann Nikon D750, ISO100, 85mm, 1/6 f:32

Yeah, yeah, it’s me again with water. It’s just my thing, can’t get enough of it. I tried B&W this time, it was overcast and all the colors were pretty muted anyway.

Fern. ©Dietrich Ruehlmann Nikon D750, ISO100, 116mm, 1/100 f:5.6. Fill in flash

Ok, last photo (I promise). It’s a fern (obviously), nicely perched against a rock. Visually, it’s a mess, the grasses and fall leaves create a convoluted background. I liked it because the fern is fairly vibrant and green against the grey-scale background. First time I used the fill-in flash to gently get more photons. Visually it’s still a mess but slightly better lit :)

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Scientist who ended up in marketing. Mostly found outdoors.

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