Introducing PAPS — The Infinite Toolbox.

PAPS is The Next-gen, Infinite-Purpose Photo, Video and Camera Toolbox. A fast and large-scale photo processing app lets you bulk work at once, also continuously delivering a lot of cutting-edge cameras, highly useful editing tool, and real-life utility.

Just choose all photos you need and then tap performing button. You can do everything all you needed with all your photos.

Today, for free.

Full List of all tools


Extracting every important info such as phone numbers, addresses, dates, URLs or even flight code from your photos or screenshots, and then do right things. You also can translate or save them all as raw text.

Supported Actions

• Phone Number — Save or numbers or convert into iOS contacts.
• E-Mail Address — Send a message.
• Address — Open on map
• Date — Save as Event with Calendar.
• URL — Open with Browser.
• Flight Number — Search for flights with detected numbers.
• Price Info — Detecting a price, and exchanging it into another one with an exchange rate.

Many actions are going to be updated!


Converter enables you to convert every media formats such as Videos, mp4 Video Live Photos, GIFs or Burst Photos into every each other.

• Videos — Live Photos
• Videos — GIFs
• Videos — Compressed Videos(mp4)
• GIFs — Live Photos
• Burst Photos — Live Photos
• Burst Photos — GIFs
• Burst Photos — Videos
• Screenshots(png) — Compressed Screenshots(jpg)

More converter modules will be added continually

Cleaner enables you to find and delete various kind of incorrect photos if they have matched for example duplicate and similar images, close-up photos or Lockscreen shots!

List of Cleaner Matchers

• Similarity
• Screenshots
• Flashlight included
• Saved with Built-in Camera (in the PA)
• LockScreens — Taken Screenshots with iOS locked screen.
• Too Close-up Face
• Too Slow Sutter Speed
• Videos Without Sound
• Videos Shorter Than 1 Second
• Videos Saved By Instagram
• All not taken with Camera

Memo Cam

An AI-powered text info recognization camera tool, MemoCam enables accurately detecting and then extracting/saving every important information such as phone numbers, currency, barcodes, addresses, dates or URLs nearby with your camera, or via pictures already saved in Photos.

GIF Maker

GIF Maker allows for easily and quickly making GIF images from Photos or Live Photos with various options! Moreover, then you can open the converter app to convert into everything such as Live Photos or Videos.

• Multiple Photos
• Burst Photos
• Live Photos
• Custom quality and cropping ratio support
• Frame delay, direction(Forward, Reverse, Rewind), repetition control

EXIF Ghost

EXIF Ghost lets you remove all kinds of data containing your photos including private information.

• Selective metadata purging for all properties of GPS, EXIF, TIFF support.


This straightforward but large-scale batch image transform tool lets you quickly rotate and flip many media files including Live Photos. There is no limit to the number of photos to edit them.

• Tested processing capacity: 2000+a photos at one time.
• Optimized for multi-core processing. It depends on iDevice models.

Auto Editor

Auto Editor lets you edit automatically if your photos are needed to correct.

• Auto Enhance
• Auto Straighten
• Auto Crop
• Auto Red-Eye Removal


Apply high-quality filters on your all photos you want. This batch processing tool has no limit to the number of photos to apply filters.

• Tested processing capacity: 2000+a photos at one time.
• Optimized for multi-core processing. It depends on image size and iDevice models.

PDF Maker

PDFactory makes PDF document from multiple images with various page options.

• Page Size(e.g., A4 or US Legal), Margin, Scale, and Layout Mode Support

Auto Selection Bot (ASB System)

ASB is our very special general-purpose assistant engine for choosing the right items in the current context for each app.