How to take part in the Photochain Main Sale

We will accept Bitcoin and Ethereum for the purchase of PHT tokens and unlike many ICOs, you can feel free to send from an exchange or wallet of your choice (it does not have to be ERC20 compatible). You will however need an ERC20 compatible wallet to receive your PHT tokens.

For those of you familiar with the process of buying and sending cryptocurrency between addresses, please move on to our Token Sale guide and how to use our Launch Pad below.

For those of you who are new to cryptocurrency and aren’t sure how to take part in a crowdsale, we’ve put together this simple step by step so you won’t miss out.

Intro guide to buying cryptocurrency
1. First you need some cryptocurrency. We will be collecting funds in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) only.
2. You can buy these cryptocurrencies from a variety of sources: these include Coinbase, Kraken and Bitstamp but of course there are numerous exchanges so you might find platforms easier to register within your region.
3. Make sure you are familiar with how to send either Bitcoin or Ether from one place to another. What you will need is the receiving wallet address. Always copy and paste this into the site which you intend to send cryptocurrency from.
4. Later in this guide we will show you how to get the address of the wallet to which you will send BTC or ETH to.
NOTE: Please don’t send Bitcoin to an Ethereum address or vice versa. You may lose your cryptocurrency and there is nothing we can do to help!
5 . Please only send the amount you intend to contribute.

To take part in the token sale and buy PHT tokens

1) First navigate to the Photochain website: and click on the “Buy Tokens” link, as shown below

2) You will be directed to the following Launch Pad page. Please enter your email address here. Confirm the terms and conditions of the main sale.

3) Now you will receive a confirmation e-mail — please click on “confirm” in the email to progress

4) You are redirected back to the Launch Pad, to the page below. Please choose the relevant Option for you.

If you don’t have an existing .JSON file for your wallet or an existing wallet address, you can create a new wallet with us (option 3). You must however create and remember your own password - we cannot help you if you lose it.

If you want to create your own wallet to receive your PHT Tokens, please remember to create an ERC20 compatible wallet as this is where you will receive your PHT tokens after the ICO ends. MyEtherWallet is currently a popular option.

If you have a .JSON file, please upload to option 1. If you have the address for your ERC20 compatible wallet, please enter in the box under option 2.

5) If you choose Option 3, you must download your wallet file. Please back this up somewhere secure. Also make a note of your address, this is where you will receive PHT tokens after the sale closes. You can only progress to the next page once you download your file.

6) On the next page please specify a refund address, for where you would like your cryptocurrency to be returned, should we need to make a refund for the reasons given. Select either bitcoin address or ethereum address, depending on which cryptocurrency you choose to take part in the token sale with. Please don’t use an exchange wallet for your refund address as you may lose your funds. Complete the captcha and move to the next page.

Also on this page you can select whether you want to receive an additional discount or not. As below, just check the box if you want to participate in a completely voluntary vesting period. The benefit of such is that you can receive an additional discount, but you must wait longer to be delivered your tokens. More info about this below.

7) Now is the time to send your funds. Choose your selected payment option. Navigate back to your own wallet where you have your funds. Copy and paste the address from our Launch Pad to your wallet and send the funds.

You will also receive an email at this stage, containing your participation, your addresses and your KYC verification code.

8) Final step is KYC. This must be done via smartphone, so please choose your mobile operating system and download the app. The app is called “PXLBeam VerifEye”. Download here: Apple  / Android.

9) On the app, please watch the intro video very carefully. This can be re-watched here. We also recommend you click through the online demo transaction here.

Scan your identity document (passports are best) when asked and take a selfie also when asked.

You will need to create a 6-digit Password to protect your documents (not the code in the email). Finally enter the 6-digit code we sent you by email. Click “Share” to share you data with us and then you are done!

If you need confirmation that your KYC has been sent to us, click on the ☰ in top left corner > Transaction history. If Photochain is shown, as below, then you have completed KYC.

That’s it! You have successfully participated in the Photochain Token Sale.

Once all rounds of the crowdsale are complete, you will receive the equivalent Photon tokens as to what you have purchased.

Finally the latest Photochain Token Sale timeline is available at this Medium post:

This provides all the important information on the various stages of the sale, various discounts and optional vesting periods available. Please read carefully.

If you have any questions whatsoever feel free to reach out on our Telegram group where one of the core team will be delighted to assist here:

Thank again you for supporting the decentralized stock photography revolution!

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