Photochain and Copytrack announce key copyright partnership

Photochain announces a strategic key partnership with Copytrack and their Global Copyright Register. As part of this cooperation, Photochain will be the first external use case for Copytrack’s online image rights handling service.

Copytrack are creating and operating a global decentralized copyright register for digital content, which authenticates users and links digital intellectual property. The registry will generate a unique ecosystem for rights-holders, thereby providing new e-client marketplaces. This mission correlates to Photochain’s goal to create a decentralized copyright chain for the protection of image rights of photography on the Photochain, new generation stock photography, platform.

As both companies aim at creating a fair exchange between image providers and users worldwide, it is a perfect fit partnership.

“Photochain and Copytrack have the same desire, namely to create a fair market for photographers”, comments Stanislav Stolberg, Photochain CEO. “Our chief mission with Photochain is to allow photographers to control their rights and be protected against all instances of copyright fraud.”

“The ambition of Photochain and Copytrack are heading in the same direction”, concludes Marcus Schmitt, Copytrack CEO. “We want to create a fair image market, where photographers can control their rights, and where image users aren’t in constant danger of stealing images.”

In February 2018, Copytrack completed their ICO for their Global Copyright Register. According to the Copytrack roadmap, the Global Copyright Register will be available free of charge in the middle of 2018 — aligning with Photochain’s roadmap to have a live version of the Photochain DApp on the Ethereum mainnet in mid 2018.

Copytrack CEO Marcus Schmitt and Photochain CMO Haris Rana


COPYTRACK — Global Copyright Control (, headquartered in Berlin, currently employs around 25 people from the legal, IT, customer service and finance sectors. Furthermore, the company maintains a network of partners for legal enforcement. The service is aimed at photographers, publishers, picture agencies and e-commerce providers, among others. It includes a risk-free search of the worldwide Internet for image and graphic data uploaded by users at COPYTRACK with a hit accuracy of 98 percent. Customers define images used without a license and COPYTRACK takes full responsibility for an out-of-court solution in 140 countries as well as a court solution in the areas relevant to copyright. Only in the event of successful subsequent licensing will the rights holder receive up to 70 percent of the agreed sum. The pure search function is free of charge.

COPYTRACK — Global Copyright Register ( is based in Singapore and operates a blockchain-based register for the registration of rights to digital content. This register is free of charge for the rights holder and open for use by other services.

Andrea Feustel, Oranienburger Strasse 4, 10178 Berlin, Germany, Phone: +49–30–809.332.933, Fax: +49–30–809.332.999

About Photochain

Photochain — incorporated in Estonia, currently have 11 employees from the blockchain development, marketing, legal and business development sectors. They also have an additional 8 advisors for their ICO including individuals with significant security, tax and financial, photostock and decentralised software experience. Photochain’s ICO is advised by Swisscom Blockchain — the world renown Swiss blockchain incubator and Photochain are using Swisscom’s highly secure Launch Platform for their ICO. The platform is aimed at photographers, as they build a new way to buy and sell photography using blockchain technology. This allows photographers to set their own terms of sale, whilst receiving 95% of the proceeds of their works’ sales. Photochain’s simple onboarding process makes it easier for photographers of all levels to enter the photo stock industry.

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