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May 24, 2018 · 4 min read

(This post has been taken from our Photochain ambassador, @Runicar, Steemit account — full post here: https://steemit.com/photography/@runicar/photochain-photography-contest)

I’m glad to announce that #photochaincommunity is finally here, ready to meet and see the work of Steemit’s photographers. The goal of this support group is to empower you by assuring more exposure on the platform and to build a group of like minded individuals that want to fairly monetize their content through the Photochain Dapp when it goes live. Expected launch is 4–6 months after the ICO finishes so we have quite some time on our hands to get prepared and take some amazing snaps.

What’s Photochain?

In short, it’s a marketplace for stock photography that will, by using the power of blockchain technology allow photographers to earn 95% of the revenue generated by their work while still offering a cheaper price for the buyers. Its current counterparts take up to 75% of the profits and tackle its users with entry barriers and inequality. Like many others in the blockchain space, Photochain aims to change that by shifting the power from the greedy corporations and giving it back to the driving force behind their success; their users. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. That’s the beauty of cutting down costs through decentralization and a community based governance.

Find out more about the DApp in the article I wrote about it but if you really want to go in detail I suggest you read the whitepaper.

Have any questions?

Join the official Discord channel: https://discord.gg/prwPd2F
For Photochain related questions contact Warrior-Sage#1056
If you have any contest related questions you can always talk to me runicar#1726 or join #photography under Steemit-Contest

Photochain Photography Contest

Is on a talent hunt, searching for Steemit’s best photographers while giving everyone a chance to earn. You don’t need to be a professional photographer but some level of quality must be visible in your work as each and every contribution will be rewarded with Photochain’s tokens: Photons (1PHT = 0.12 USD). For that we have a community reward bot in development that should be up and running in a week or two. The bot will comment on every post in the #photochaincommunity tag and after manual screening of the posts, searching for possible abusers, it will distribute Photons to our community members Ethereum wallets.

Each week you will have a theme that should be present in your pictures. This is optional as I know that some of you might not have the resources/inspiration/opportunity to follow the given theme for the week. Why would I follow it then? Because first place is reserved for entries that follow the weekly theme. Second, third and honorable mentions don’t need to go along the theme to win but it’s an advantage if they do.

How to enter

You can join the contest either with a dedicated post titled Photochain Photography Contest or with any other post containing your images; just add the #ppc tag and include the Photochain logo or watermark in your images. Take in consideration that the pictures must be of certain quality. Not just by resolution, as composition, color palette, style and overall feel of the image will be taken in consideration. Add #photochaincommunitytag if you want to be targeted by the bot and recieve Photons for each entry.

As Photons are ERC20 tokens, you will need an ERC20 compatible wallet to collect the rewards. My suggestion is Metamask as it’s simple and easy to use. If you have any troubles setting it up watch this short tutorial.

To get a feel of the quality I’m hoping you can achieve check out some of the images featured in the demo.photochain.io

Weekly theme


Should contain scenes of a high density urban areas filled with large, closely crowded apartment buildings. A feel of it being an unpleasant living condition should be highlighted but you can interpret it in your own way and throw your artistic twist on it. Maybe catch a sign of life (tree, plant or anything similar) as the main focus of the image, with the concrete jungle in in the background and send out a different message all together that way. If you do, just include few sentences of description so I can better understand the message behind your picture.


Only use your own images
High quality images only
All entries must contain the Photochain logo or watermark somewhere in the images (provided at the end of the post)
Unlimited number of entries (except when you reach lvl 10 in the bot leveling system that yields 100 Photons per entry, then there is a cap at 3 entries per day)
Members of the #photochaincommunity should strive to engage and interact with each other as much as possible (this will help build the community aspect of the contest and will allow you to unlock the multiplier to earn more Photons per each entry)


#1st place — 500$
#2nd place- 250$
#3rd place — 100$
4x honorable mention — 20$
Monthly superstar — 2500$

All prizes will be paid out in Photochain’s tokens Photons that can later on be used to buy art within the DApp or sell for cash when the token is made exchangable.

Voting process

Each community member that has made at least one entry that week can cast one vote for who he/she thinks should win. To vote just place a comment in this form: “My entry for this week’s contest is link to your entry and I vote for link to the entry you vote for

One winner will be chosen by the community and the rest by myself and the Photochain team. Winners and the new contest theme will be announced a day after this post pays out.

Join here: https://steemit.com/photography/@runicar/photochain-photography-contest

I’m really excited to build this community and to see how it grows. Wish everyone best of luck and happy snapping!



Written by

Using blockchain technology, Photochain returns the control over #licensing, #copyright, and trading back to #photographers, enabling fairer stock #photography.


The next generation of photostocks. Using blockchain technology, the Photochain returns the control and the trust of the photography marketplace to the content producer.


Written by

Using blockchain technology, Photochain returns the control over #licensing, #copyright, and trading back to #photographers, enabling fairer stock #photography.


The next generation of photostocks. Using blockchain technology, the Photochain returns the control and the trust of the photography marketplace to the content producer.

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