Photochain’s Partners. Who are they and why are they important for us?

May 19, 2018 · 5 min read

For a business to be a success, they must recognize the strength of other businesses and collaborate towards each common goal. At Photochain, we understand the need for this, and our approach has always included partners.

To give you a better understanding of our partners and why we work with them, we’ve outlined the key rationale behind each partnership.


At the core of Copytrack is the creation of a global decentralized copyright register for digital content, which authenticates users and links digital intellectual property. This registry will generate a unique ecosystem for rights-holders, thereby providing new e-client marketplaces. With its cutting edge technology and processes, it is well-suited to globally address the key challenges in the industry and will be open to the public.

In an extremely short time frame, Copytrack has grown to become the leading company in the worldwide market of highly automated copyright enforcement. Starting in Berlin and having a presence in New York and Tokyo has allowed Copytrack to directly engage with artists and their networks all over the world.

This mission correlates to Photochain’s goal to create a decentralized copyright chain for the protection of image rights of photography on the Photochain, new generation photography monetization, platform.

As both companies aim at creating a fair exchange of images, whilst ensuring copyright protection between image providers and users worldwide, it is a perfect fit partnership.

Blockchain Zoo

Bali, Indonesia based Blockchain Zoo have quickly established themselves as a leader in blockchain consultancy. They have been recently recognized by Gartner as a global top blockchain consultancy.

With a team full of some of blockchain’s biggest technical personalities, they provide services to startups in consulting and project management, as well as blockchain education to the wider masses.

Blockchain Zoo are very passionate about seeing Photochain’s straightforward and direct blockchain application use case popularized. And two of their most known and accomplished co-founders have taken a very hands on approach with Photochain.

Roberto Capodieci is one of blockchain’s leading technical experts. He is an associate of the Nxt Foundation and was the first to apply Blockchain technology to supply chain and trade finance.

We are also delighted to have on board Willson Lee, President of World Blockchain Foundation. He is also the advisor of The Blockchain Regulatory Sandbox of China and is a leader in blockchain for the Chinese community. Willson is a highly recognized world figure on crypto assets and a prolific blockchain spokesperson, today popularly known as Blockchain Ambassador.

More about Roberto here:

More about Willson here:

The Brand Leadership Circle companies

Headquartered in Crypto Valley Zug — the Brand Leadership Circle companies (also known as BLC) are renowned for leveraging their group of 150 marketing specialists, across 3 continents, to create modular and tailored marketing solutions with a special emphasis on branding campaigns.

In addition, the division ‘BLC for Ventures’ is providing full-service marketing & branding services highly specialized for the needs of blockchain-based startups (

For Photochain, this means building a global brand — helping us in our mission to enable any digital image contributor to have full control over licensing and trading of their images. As part of the agreement, BLC supports the development to a unique UI/UX user experience to make the process of buying or selling of digital images with Photochain as smooth and enjoyable as possible, with particular focus on mass market and non-technical users.

Also as part of the agreement, the Brand Leadership Circle companies commit themselves as a future buyers of digital images on the Photochain platform. As for BLC, Photochain also adds value to their businesses too.


InnMind is a unique ecosystem of like-minded people — connecting investors, experts and industry leaders with startups from emerging world.

Inspired by innovative entrepreneurship, business driven technologies and the idea of changing the world, InnMind help promising startups from all around the world to leverage their competencies and find relevant partners and investors without borders.

InnMind’s network stretches across 60+ countries, 10,000 startups, 400+ investors and 800+ industry experts.

Photochain first came to the attention of InnMind following our award winning appearance in the ICO Pitch Competition at the Blockchain Leadership Summit in March 2018. InnMind saw great potential in Photochain and they provide us a lot in terms of advisory services from their expert network, and value in terms of business connections, funding strategy and community analytics.

1World Online

San Jose, California based 1World Online provide engagement and monetization tools for content creators to supercharge the impact their content will have. These tools include amplifying content discovery, social media boosts or managing reader’s data for insights into the audience.

1World also provide support in content creation, including facilitating content creation with access to resources in 1World’s own library and the content of their partners.

For Photochain, 1World will be a buyer of content, i.e. digital images and will offer this material in their library, to their users to help them build their content.

With over 1.3 billion views of content curated by 1World, they are sure to be a big buyer of images on the Photochain platform.


Located in Ankara, Turkey, TokenSuite were one of the first agencies to capitalize on the opportunity for digital marketing in the ICO/blockchain space. Over recent years, they have built expert knowledge, helping projects to raise over $200 million towards their ICOs.

TokenSuite provide a multifaceted approach to blockchain digital marketing, including services such as: PR coverage; YouTube coverage; bounty programmes; Telegram growth and many more.

For Photochain, their experience in ICO management has been crucial for us to build a crypto community following, as well as connections and advise on how to approach others in the ICO economy.

We will continue to form new partnerships, in particular now looking at those post-ICO partners who are best placed to help Photochain achieve our growth ambitions.


The next generation of photostocks. Using blockchain technology, the Photochain Dapp returns the control and the trust of the photography marketplace to the content producer.


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Using blockchain technology, Photochain returns the control over #licensing, #copyright, and trading back to #photographers, enabling fairer stock #photography.


The next generation of photostocks. Using blockchain technology, the Photochain Dapp returns the control and the trust of the photography marketplace to the content producer.