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PhotoChromic puts user privacy at the core of its protocol

At PhotoChromic, privacy is the very bedrock of our protocol. We are committed to protecting your privacy. Privacy is core to our mission. We designed our protocol to give you control of your identity and ownership of your data.

Before we elaborate on the privacy features and security mechanisms that we have put in place to safeguard your data, we want to walk you through what we do and how we do it.

We enable you to create a universal digital identity (“UDI”) on a non-fungible token (“NFT”) that can be used across the blockchain (“Digital Identity Token”), without ever having to expose any of your personally identifiable information (“PII”).

The Digital Identity Token puts you firmly in control of your data on the blockchain.

Your Digital Identity Token is created in four simple steps

  1. Reserve your alias on ENS.
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Complete Know-Your-Customer (“KYC”).
  4. Mint your NFT.

From minting onwards, you will be able to use your NFT to verify your identity for any transactions on the blockchain.

Before we dive into the security features, we also want to shed some light on the KYC process and how we bridge the gap between your identity as captured on your government-issued identity card (“ID”) and a UDI.

Using facial recognition software that is accepted by leading financial institutions, your biometrics are captured. Your biometrics are then verified against your ID. Your biometrics and ID are unique to you offline. By combining your biometrics and ID, we biomimetically emulate your offline identity into your unique online identity.

You authenticate all your transactions on the blockchain using your verified biometrics, without revealing your identity on-chain .

By design, we leverage multiple layers of security features to maximise your privacy:

  • Cryptography
  • NFT
  • Smart Contract

Blockchain employs a widely accepted encryption process known as cryptography, which uses a mathematical algorithm to create and verify data (“Hashing”).

Naturally, your biometrics and your ID are sensitive, personal information. Anyone with access to that information can emulate you in the digital world.

Consequently, we employ a second layer of cryptography:

  • We derive a cryptographic hash of your biometrics and your ID.
  • Your cryptographic hash is then written to the blockchain.

In this way, your PII resides offline, and your transactions take place using only your cryptographic hash. PhotoChromic is designed to minimise the data that is stored online.

By combining cryptographic security features onto a NFT, you can quickly and easily transact online without sharing your data or revealing your identity. Through your NFT, your identity becomes portable across multiple applications, without compromising either your privacy or your data’s security.

Lastly, we believe that you should have full ownership and control of your data. We built powerful privacy controls into PhotoChromic. You choose who has access to your data and what data to share. You can adjust these privacy controls at any time. You can selectively share data with every counterparty without compromising your data.

Selective data sharing is built into PhotoChromic which by design, facilitates accurate, transparent, fast and secure transactions without requiring any centralised oversight or human intervention (“Smart Contract”).

By centralising your data into a NFT backed by a Smart Contract, you have full control of your identity at all times, empowering you to share the data you need with the counterparties you choose.

PhotoChromic introduces a unique use case for non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”) by integrating them with user identity, to develop a biometrically managed model of Self-Sovereign Identity (“SSI”) on the Blockchain. Using NFTs, PhotoChromic aims to make identity programmable, verifiable, universally addressable, and digitally secured.

Powered by an ERC-20 token, $PHCR, running on the Ethereum blockchain, PhotoChromic addresses the current challenges faced by people the world over, as they pursue ownership over, and the ability to secure, their identity. PhotoChromic gives control and ownership of user identity back to the individual, where it belongs.



PhotoChromic aggregates government-backed identity verification and proof of liveness with other personal attributes into a unique on-chain asset that can be used across web and blockchain applications.

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Photo Chromic

Photochromic tokenizes peoples’ identities through an NFT that is programmable, universally addressable and digitally secured.