Welcome Home, PhotoSapien: How Your Story Began

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5 min readJan 13, 2022


Evolution is the cornerstone of the universe. As the galaxies expand, the planets swirl and the stars shine, the universe continues to evolve. And, at the centre of that ever-expanding universe, there sits a single entity grappling with the moments, the needs, the to and fro of every day. It’s you. Just as every element of the universe is unique and undeniably different, the evolution of each of our stories is indelibly connected to the evolution of the universe.

But, let’s take a walk through human history first, before we begin unfolding our next evolution of humanity. Let’s go to a time when the evolution of identity just began, and the origins of humanity settled into the soil of this planet we call Earth.

Wherever your belief system settles on how humanity came to be, one thing is true for all: we are all connected, we are all one. No matter the shape of our faces, or the slant of our smiles, we are all human, after all.

Our genetic material forms the building blocks of our identity. The way we think, the way we act, the way we love. The way we grow and express ourselves in the world. This material also forms the building blocks of the collective unconscious. Each of us is completely unique. Each of us is completely connected. We are 7.9 billion. And yet we are also one.

As our human physical evolution has progressed, humans have evolved in shape, size, stature, and service. Our daily tasks have changed. As a species, we’ve collected wood, and created things of good. We’ve collected stories and shared experiences. We have built and grown great legacies of truth, and fought wars to claim victories.

But the legacies of truth are what persist. As our planet evolves, and the human species extends beyond the physical realm, our identities have changed.

Where we were once gathered around a fire for community, we now connect online to communicate. What was once flames, became forums. What was once warmth, became words. Where we once gathered to share stories, we now snapshot them in limited character moments. What has not changed, as our physical selves have, and our digital identities shift, is our united consciousness and our unique selves.

In seeking out our identities, and shaping them to reflect the stories of our lives, the internet has enabled us to develop, design and determine our reflective identities as we show them to the world. We’re no longer recognised by our faces, but by our usernames.

As we’ve moved from simplicity and towards singularity, the notion of our identities has moved too. Never before has the gap between our physical identity and our online identity been smaller.

But, as HomoSapiens, our online identity remains beyond the locus of our personal control. To claim and evolve our digital identity, we’ve had to give our ownership away to shape it. Our authority over the unique characteristics that make us who we are, the very core of our spirits, does not belong to us online.

Instead, we’re assigned usernames. We’re reminded to choose the right kind of password. We’re given rules and regulations around what our identity looks like, can do, where it can be and how it can change. Our ability to claim and shape that identity that is an extension of us…is taken away the moment we sign over authority of it. At the end of a long list of passwords and keychains, we are still just HomoSapiens with a list of handles and addresses we did not choose.

Our journey towards digital self-determination begins today. Today, the HomoSapien takes control over their digital identity, and a new species of human begins.

Welcome to the next evolution of the HomoSapien: The PhotoSapien.

Just as our species began from the divine light from within the Universe, the next step in our evolution has sprung from the divine light of our unique selves. The power to self determine our place in the Universe, and finally merge our physical and digital identities has begun.

The HomoSapien’s evolution of their digital identity has been constrained through the abdication of personal authority over their identity. In the physical and digital world, we are assigned the numbers on our birth certificates; we do not choose them. We are given an identity, but the power to control it belongs to organisations, governments, and service providers who see us only as a number on a list. Our identities are always at risk, because we are powerless to control who and how it is used for us, or could be used against us.

And that’s where the PhotoSapien begins. As we reclaim our unique identities, blockchain technologies empower us to begin our next step in human evolution.

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As you step forward into this next evolution of your identity, you reclaim authority and control over your identity. You’re unidentifiable on the blockchain, but you have full control over your identity. You can navigate the world knowing where and how you choose to reveal your identity, or simply remain anonymous. You can create the unique art of who you are: a unique reflection of your true identity. The one you choose. The one you create. The one you own. The one you control.

It’s time to create your identity on the blockchain.

As a PhotoSapien, you can create a universal digital identity (“UDI”) on a non-fungible token (“NFT”) that can be used across the blockchain (“Digital Identity Token”), without ever having to expose any of your personally identifiable information (“PII”). This is your unique identity, owned by you, authored by you, shared by you, and you can disappear too.

Step into your next evolution as a HomoSapien.

Welcome home, PhotoSapien.

PhotoChromic introduces a unique use case for non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”) by integrating them with user identity, to develop a biomimetically managed model of Self-Sovereign Identity (“SSI”) on the Blockchain. Using NFTs, PhotoChromic aims to make identity programmable, verifiable, universally addressable, and digitally secured.

Powered by an ERC-20 token, $PHCR, running on the Ethereum blockchain, PhotoChromic addresses the current challenges faced by people the world over, as they pursue ownership over, and the ability to secure, their identity. PhotoChromic gives control and ownership of user identity back to the individual, where it belongs.



Photo Chromic

Photochromic tokenizes peoples’ identities through an NFT that is programmable, universally addressable and digitally secured.